[Quezon City EATS] Unlimited Korean BBQ at Geonbae


The Korean BBQ invasion is really upon us! Yes, it is really here to stay. UNLIMITED servings of Samgyeopsal and Woo Samgyeop have taken over the palates of Filipinos all over Metro Manila and beyond. As avid foodies, we love trying out new dishes and looking for new restaurants to EATSperience. However, because of this Unlimited Korean BBQ phenomenon, we often find ourselves looking for the next best restaurant that specializes in Korean Grill. We’ve been really guilty of dining from one Unlimited Korean BBQ place to another. In this edition of EATSplorations, we found ourselves in Quezon City just a few meters away from Tomas Morato to try out one newly opened Korean BBQ restaurant. Don’t stop reading just yet because this might just be the next best thing. Keep on reading as we share another Quezon City EATS through Unlimited Korean BBQ at Geonbae!

Welcome to Geonbae Modern Korean Bar & Grill!


Geonbae is located along Scout Delgado in Quezon City and is just a few meters away from Tomas Morato. It’s probably one of the very few restaurants along this street which makes it really easy to spot. TIP: Make sure to come in early because parking can be very limited.


Just above the parking space of Geonbae is their al fresco dining area for around 12-16 diners if we’re not mistaken.


Welcome inside Geonbae! That’s the reception / cashier booth with their logo against the white wall. This is what will welcome you when you step inside this really hip Korean restaurant in Quezon City.


The interior of Geonbae is pretty vibrant, modern, and looks really Asian (in a beautiful way). We loved looking at the really colorful wall decors and murals that diners will surely see inside the restaurant.


This is their one and only private area. It’s right in front of their kitchen and can accommodate around 15-20 diners. If you have a big group and in need of some “privacy” while enjoying your samgyeopsal (or samgyupsal for some) and other Korean favorites, try booking this room ahead of time!

Time to EATSperience Geonbae’s Korean Food!


Pardon the slightly-blurred photo, hehe! This is their typical table set-up at Geonbae. Of course, the grill and the all important exhaust,  together with all the banchan, utensils, cucumber lemonade drink, sauces, and tablet looking thing that serves as a powerbank, too!

Geonbae has two Unlimited Korean BBQ menus. One is the Php 499 and the other is Php 599! We chose the 599 menu simply because we’d like to see how many meats, appetizers, soups, and side dishes we can go. Geonbae’s Unlimited KBBQ menus are unlike anything we’ve seen. Both the 499 and the 599 have over 30 items to choose from! We repeat, over 30 items to choose from.

Time to EATSperience what Geonbae has to offer!


Fried Mandu (Korean Fried Dumplings)

Crispy exterior with a really juicy interior! We enjoyed the flavorful and meat stuffing so much. Plus points for being fried just right!


Yeon Eo (Salmon Sashimi) and Chamchi (Tuna Sashimi)

Sashimi to start off our Korean BBQ meal? Why not! This one came off as a surprise considering the very affordable price. Would have easily had more slices but we were really at Geonbae for the meats so one plate was enough.


Saewoo Twigim (Shrimp Tempura)

Our all-time favorite when it comes to all-you-can-eats, TEMPURA! Another so-called surprise or bonus when it comes to meat-all-you-can EATSperiences, this one’s a great plus especially for us because our baby loves tempura so much. When a restaurant has this on the menu, we can eat longer in peace, hehe! We loved that Geonbae’s tempura was made fresh. It was still piping hot when it arrived on our table. Well done!



We don’t really like eating rice when we go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant but we couldn’t resist having a hot off the bowl Bibimbap! It was worth all the rice, hehe! We both enjoyed it because it was overflowing with meat and veggies. Also, it wasn’t deadly spicy for us which made it even better.


Ramyeun (Korean Ramen)

Their Ramyeun is something worth-sharing as well. The broth is creamy and smooth, and the flavor just has the right kick. The noodles were firm enough to absorb the soup and every slurp was a delight!


Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Stew)

Hot and spicy soup! This was a great palate cleanser before devouring all the meats we ordered. The soup was tasty without being overly spicy.


It’s time for the main event of this EATSperience… The Meats!!! Geonbae has 18 meat choices in their Php 599 menu. Yes, 18 meat choices for you to enjoy!


Geonbae also serves CHEESE together with their meats! In case you were wondering, it’s also UNLIMITED.



Geonbae has 5 kinds of Samgyeopsal or Pork Belly flavors! They have the Regular, the Spicy Yakiniku, the Ginger, the Gochujang, and the Smoked. Our favorites were the Regular, Ginger, and Smoked Samgyeopsal. The cuts together with the meat and fat ratio of Geonbae’s Pork Bellies were very consistent. This made it easier to grill and the cooking time was just right.



Woo Samgyeop (Beef Belly)

Our all-time favorite when it comes to grilled meats, the Woo Samgyeop! We love it because it cooks fast and it’s easy to cook. Also, it’s meaty and fatty at the same time! It’s always juicy and tasty. Geonbae has 3 kinds of Woo Samgyeop, the Regular, the Gochujang, and the Oyster. The Regular and the Oyster are our top picks because we love it just the way it is and there’s a little bit of sweet and salty flavors.


Oyster Toshisal (Hanger Steak in Oyster Sauce)

Probably the most flavorful meat in Geonbae It was our first time to EATSperience grilling some Hanger Steak for Korean BBQ and it was really really awesome! We easily had 4 plates of this really delightful and tender cut of beef. This cooks in no time, so be very careful not overcook it and not to waste its awesomeness!


TIP: Try dipping different meats into Geonbae’s cheese dip to know which ones go along with it perfectly. They’re all unlimited anyway!


We were absolutely stunned by Geonbae’s all-you-can-eat offering! With the price of Php 599, this set is something that any KBBQ-lover should not miss out (Remember: They also have a Php 499 UNLI menu). The quality of meat and their other food items is worth raving about as well. We have tried a few Unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants, and Geonbae tops our list. If you are in or anywhere near Quezon City, and are in for an all-you-can-eat treat, visit this newly opened Korean BBQ restaurant, Geonbae and enjoy an awesome KBBQ EATSperience. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Geonbae Modern Korean Bar & Grill

115 Scout Delgado Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

+632 429 8549

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Sun-Thu)

11:00am to 12:00mn (Fri-Sat)

Budget: 1000-1200 php for two

Geonbae Modern Korean Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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