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Travelling to Hong Kong with our little girl was a first. Aside from bringing her to HK Disneyland, our other main reason to visit Hong Kong was for the EATS. We find ourselves blessed to have a daughter who loves to eat just like us two. And when we say loves to eat, she literally tries and eats whatever we try and eat! Our first day was devoted for the happiest place on earth, and it definitely made the little miss and us happy. On to the second day, we started to go around to hunt for good EATS. And our feet brought us to the Central area via the Harbour Ferry in the afternoon. We remember our parents telling us during our first day that the famous burger joint Shake Shack is located in the Central area. We honestly didn’t plan to visit because they said that the queue was crazy long. But since we found our way crossing that long bridge and entering the IFC mall where that famous burger from New York City is located, we just tried our luck. Join us in this edition of EATSplorations, as we share about our own EATSperience of one of the most sought after burger joints—Shake Shack – IFC Mall, Hong Kong!

Shake Shack at the IFC Mall in Hong Kong!


Located at the IFC in Central Hong Kong, Shake Shack sits at the 4th floor of the IFC Mall. Not to mention, the view of their outdoor dining area is stunning! You have the harbour as the backdrop for your Shake Shack EATSperience.

Getting to Shake Shack – IFC Mall


We discovered 2 ways to get to Shake Shack as we were able to visit twice in the duration of our stay in Hong Kong. Yes, you read that right, twice! One way was through the usual mall escalator that leads up to the 4th floor of the IFC Mall. Mall signs all over the place will lead diners up here. You will never miss the Shake Shack sign up on the walls.


The other way is through a small elevator. It’s at the 3rd floor, you will see a menu board and the Shake Shack icon to help you guys out. And this was how we first discovered this sought after burger place. The moment we found these signs, we started feeling giddy. Oh, and by the way, this elevator is exclusively for Shake Shack customers only. How cool is that?!

What to expect inside Shake Shack…


Upon stepping out from the elevator, we saw that the queue was manageable so we decided to go for it. Luckily, there were staff who assist diners and that’s how our lucky Shake Shack EATSperience began. One of the staff said that there was a special lane for us because we have a baby on board. We literally hopped our way to the courtesy line out of excitement knowing we didn’t need to queue up anymore. Shake Shack’s courtesy lane are for diners with babies, senior citizens and PWD. But don’t worry, if you are a diner that doesn’t fall under any of the 3, waiting in queue is definitely worth it, and we must say, the queue moves quite fast too.


If you are a first timer like us, we suggest that you go for the classics. Shack Burger, crinkle cut fries and probably a milkshake of your choice. Their menu is pretty straightforward and that helped us to choose easily. If you are not into beef patties, they have the ‘Shroom, Chick’n Shack, and Hot Dogs, too!


Just like most restaurants/fast food, Shake Shack uses an electronic order claimer. It is a self-service dining type of restaurant, where you pick-up your own order, choose and get your own condiments, look for your own spot and clean-up after (please do clean up after eating).


The indoor dining area is not that spacious to accommodate a lot of diners. So after ordering, we opted to find a table in their outdoor dining area, which we think was much better because of the ambiance made perfect by the harbour view. It was sundown, the breeze of the air was cool and the sound of the diners chit chatting while having a good meal made our first dining EATSperience at Shake Shack truly memorable.


Now for the EATS! Mr. Eats had the Double Shack burger and Chocolate milkshake. Mrs. Eats had the Shack burger and Strawberry milkshake, and the crinkle cut fries was for sharing. Of course, Baby Eats munched on both burgers and fries and she ended up finishing half of her daddy’s milkshake. Haha. Oh, and did we mention that we came back the following day? Hihi. We loved it so much that we made a trip back the following day to make sure we maximize our Shake Shack EATSperience before heading back to Manila. On our second time, we only had the Shack burger because we were still full from lunch. And we tried out their Milk Tea Milkshake. Yup, milk tea milkshake! Which was pretty good too!


Our total bill in in HKD was $237 and it’s around PHP 1,613.97 (exchange rate is at PHP 6.81 per HKD). The burgers were pretty reasonable at around Php 340.50 for the Shack Burger and Php 517.56 for the Double Shack. However, the Milkshakes were a little bit too pricey being priced at Php 286.02 when converted to Philippine Peso.


Crinkle-Cut Fries (HKD 27 for the regular and HKD 36 with cheese)

The fries were just right. Properly fried. Crispy on the outside and still very much fluffy on the inside. It’s a good sidekick to the superstar of a burger in the Shack Burger. Nothing spectacular but it tastes just fine. Next time, maybe we can try out the one with cheese for a leveled up EATSperience.


Shack Burger (HKD 50) 1/4 lb Angus Beef Patty with the famous Shack sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese inside their signature potato bun

Finally, we got to EATSperience the Shack Burger! Yes, we hate to break it to the haters but it tastes as good as it looks. It’s what we think a burger should look, feel, and taste like. All the right components in one simple yet amazing burger. The patty was perfectly grilled. The veggies were bright and crunchy. The cheese was properly melted. The Shack sauce and the potato bun were the cherry on top! If there’s a perfect and old-fashioned burger, it’s the Shack Burger. Definitely, the best, if not one of the best burgers we’ve ever had!


Double Shack Burger (HKD 76) Same as the Shack Burger but double the 1/4 lb Angus Beef Patty

We don’t want to wait until Shake Shack opens in Manila. When we stepped into Shake Shack Hong Kong, we knew we had to try the Double Shack, too! And yes, good thing we did! It’s twice the beefy goodness and twice the fun. The meatier the burger is, the better for us. It’s not super heavy but it’s really a fill-you-up kind of burger. The patties were really juicy and the potato bun did a really great job holding all the juices and ingredients together. For a little over Php 500, it’s still pretty much worth it!


Chocolate, Strawberry, and Milk Tea Milkshakes (HKD 42 each)

All milkshakes were really creamy and smooth, and the flavors of each were on point. No wonder the little girl really enjoyed. Well, of course we didn’t make her try the milk tea milkshake yet. But she definitely loved the chocolate, and I, Mrs. Eats, fell in love with the strawberry milkshake.


While writing this article, we seriously craved for everything that we have tried in Shake Shack. Ugh! And as of the moment, we only have these as memories of our first-ever Shake Shack EATSperience. We really enjoyed the overall EATSperience, the food, its location, and the vibe of the place. The servers were nice and accommodating and the restaurant is baby-friendly, too. It was a huge plus for parents like us who are travelling with a baby. If you are in Hong Kong and you love burgers, make sure to visit Shake Shack at the IFC Mall. We will definitely dine again at Shake Shack the next time we visit Hong Kong! That’s it for this Hong Kong EATS edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time! Watch out for our other Hong Kong EATSperiences!

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Shake Shack Hong Kong

Shop 4018, 4/F, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2522 5611

OpenRice / Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 11:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: HKD 200 for two


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