Holiday Season EATS from Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen


When the BER Months begin, it only means one thing, it’s already the start of the holiday season here in the Philippines! Get togethers, reunions, family gatherings, office and school parties, and the like are just around the corner because it’s already Christmas time. And, when it’s that time of the year, there’s always a need for good food to make special gatherings even more memorable for everyone. In this edition of EATSplorations, I, Mr. Eats, will be sharing with you about a great feast that I EATSperienced a couple of weeks back and it featured dishes that are not only tasty but also perfect for all sorts of gatherings this holiday season. If you have a big family or you have a great number of parties to attend to, make sure to check out the Holiday Season EATS from Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen! This will be a great reference if you want to impress guests at your own party or in a potluck gathering.

Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen!


Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen is located somewhere along McKinley Road in Makati. It is headed by Ms. Bambi Javelosa who is a fantastic home cook. Thanks to her passion for food and immense training here and abroad.


Bambi welcomed me and some of my closest foodie friends in her home to try out some of her bestselling dishes. I had lots of fun before, during, and after EATSperiencing all the dishes that were served because the atmosphere was just so relaxed and fun. Of course, the amazing quality of food had lots to do with it!


Cheese, cold cuts, and cashew before the feast at Bambi’s dining table!


Table’s still empty but not for long… 😀


Porcini Wagyu Prime Rib Roast (Php 12,000 / 5kg, including trimmings)

This by far is one of the best tasting prime ribs I have ever had! I just had to thank God after my first bite. This Porcini Wagyu Prime Rib Roast by Bambi was life changing. It was superb inside and out! For only 12,000 for 5 kilos? It’s definitely a bargain! This behemoth can surely feed around 15-20 people. This will surely be a star of whatever party you will be serving this to!


Perfection, right?!


Black Truffle Roast Turkey with Black Truffle Risotto Stuffing (Php 7,500)

Another gigantic dish that’s of course, perfect for sharing! The turkey was cooked perfectly. It was still very moist from the legs up to the breast. The stuffing was simply divine! I had to get my seconds and even thirds because the Black Truffle Risotto was just too good to ignore. If you are a fan of turkey and risotto, this 2 in 1 dish will surely make you oh so happy!


Just look at that turkey breast! Yum, yum, yum!


Slow Cooked Short Ribs (Php 3,500)

Fall-off-the-bone goodness! That’s what made this dish extremely memorable for me. I enjoyed how I effortlessly ate this and how good this dish was from the sauce to the meat. If you want to have something with white rice, this is the one! I would have easily had 3 cups of rice with this lovely dish. This one’s got heaven written all over it!


Lengua in Salsa Porcini (Php 4,500)

A Filipino feast will probably be incomplete without a proper lengua dish. If you want one in your feast but you don’t want to cook, then just order Bambi’s Lengua in Salsa Porcini! The lengua was super tender and clean. The porcini sauce was rich, creamy, and really earthy. The sauce works really well with the Wagyu Prime Rib, too!


Baked Salmon (Php 8,000)

Super cheesy, creamy, and really really tasty Baked Salmon by Bambi! I am a huge fan of baked salmon dishes, and this one’s probably my number one at the moment. It hits all the spots in every bite! One full serving of this can feed around 15-20 people which makes it a great potluck contribution!


Miso Marinated Salmon with Shiitake and Bokchoy

I enjoyed how the miso marinade and the shiitake mushrooms complemented the sweetness and freshness of the salmon fillet. This dish may look simple at first but it has really amazing flavors that work cohesively in one bite.


Prawns with Salsa Verde

Fresh, juicy, and succulent prawns made even tastier by Bambi’s freshly made salsa verde! Prawn lovers out there will surely love this!


I had the time of the foodie life EATSperiencing some dishes out of the Special Chrismas Menu of Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen! I really loved every dish that she served to me and my friends. If I can order a few items from this EATSperience, I would definitely order the Porcini Wagyu Prime Rib Roast, Turkey with Black Truffle Risotto, and Baked Salmon. All three were extremely memorable in their own right. I would surely save up just to have them in my own dining table and it would definitely be worth it! If  this EATSperience of mine interests you, you may order from Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen thru the details below and make your parties more special with her gourmet creations for sharing! That’s it for this Holiday Season EATS edition of EATSplorations, ’til next time!

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Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen

#58 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City

+63917 672 7230 / +63999 881 4272

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