Cindy’s #ThePlaceToBe is BACK in Metro Manila!


After all the things that happened this year, all of us truly deserve some good news, right?! Well, say no more! We’ve got some wonderful news for you, especially for the ’80s and ’90s kids out there…. Cindy’s #ThePlaceToBe is BACK in Metro Manila!!! Yes, Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant is back with its famous Chicken BBQ and other favorites! Apparently, Cindy’s never really left, they just took a break from Metro Manila while still having a huge following in Central Luzon (where they started decades ago) and Northern Luzon. We’re very happy and excited to share this good news with you all, so keep on reading as we share our Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant EATSperience after so many years!

Cindy’s #ThePlaceToBe is BACK in Metro Manila!


Cindy’s is one of the beloved homegrown brands that we, Manilenos, miss! It’s been a few years since Cindy’s “left” the food scene here in Metro Manila after being so well-loved since the ’70s. I still remember eating their famous Chicken BBQ when I was younger (emphasis on the -er, hehe!).  It was indeed very delicious and if I’m not mistaken, their spaghetti and fried chicken were pretty tasty, too.


The menu of Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant. Does it still look the same? It kind of does but it’s really been years since I last ate at Cindy’s. If you are a huge Cindy’s fan, maybe you can tell if it has improved or if it remained the same over the years. Are you ready to see what we had? Here it is!


Christmas Grill Sampler (8pcs Pork BBQ, 4pcs Quarter Chicken BBQ, and 4pcs Grilled Liempo) Php 1499 comes with FREE 1.5L Coca-Cola


Cindy’s Pork BBQ –  Classic Pinoy BBQ taste. Pretty tender and juicy. Just the right meat to fat ratio. One stick is definitely not enough.


Cindy’s Grilled Pork Belly – Pinoy Pork Belly for the win! Tastes the same as the pork bbq but juicier. This definitely needs around two cups of rice at the minimum. Awesome stuff!


Cindy’s Chicken BBQ – Finally, after so many years, the famous Cindy’s Chicken BBQ! As far as my tastebuds can remember, yes, it still tastes the same! Classic sweet-style bbq marinade. The skin is to die for. The meat is cooked just right. It goes perfectly with their kangkong atchara. So happy to have this again! Well done, Cindy’s!


If you are looking for something delicious and nostalgic this Holiday Season, make sure to check out the Christmas Grill Sample of Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant! Pork BBQ, Grilled Pork Belly, and the famous Chicken BBQ all in one humongous and meaty bilao. This is available in all Cindy’s restaurants in Luzon and their delivery hub in Metro Manila. For Metro Manila deliveries, you may contact 09177046121 and 09190795118.


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Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant





2 thoughts on “Cindy’s #ThePlaceToBe is BACK in Metro Manila!”

  1. Mouth watering! Unfortunately for us, they don’t have a branch in our area. But will make sure to stop by when we visit our family in Pampanga, might as well take out some BBQ for the whole fam!


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