Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

Hello, EATSplo Fam! It has been a long long time. We’ve been really busy with our day jobs and fell in love with creating videos for our TikTok account (Yes, we might be too old for it but it’s a fun app, haha). We hope all of you are doing great despite the pandemic. It has been a rollercoaster stretch for us as we were supposed to leave the Philippines for a life abroad but after giving it much thought and some things that are out of our control, we eventually decided to stay here, for good. Enough of our life update, hehe. As you may have already read from the title of the post, we will be sharing about Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021! Yes, we have given in to a whole lot of online shopping, thanks to this extended pandemic. We have found a great number of cute, useful, and delicious things on Shopee that’s why we thought it would be great to share it with all of you. Keep on reading to get our 15% Cashback Code!

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

Full disclosure: We’ve recently gotten into the Shopee Affiliate Program and we earn a small amount of commission every time someone purchases something thru our links. However, we buy the products on our own and make sure that we use them before sharing our experience about it. Photos and videos on this post belong to us. Thank you!

Number 1: Hanabish Air Fryer

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

This multifunctional Hanabishi Air Fryer tops our list of Shopee Finds! Why? Because it’s not your ordinary air fryer. It’s a 6 in 1 do it all machine. This thing can air fry, broil, bake, toast, convection broil, and convection bake with rotisserie, too! Aside from being an all-around kitchen equipment, it also looks aesthetically pleasing which is a big plus! We got it for Php 5,999 but now, it only costs Php 5,699 for the Shopee July 15 Mega Payday Sale!

Get your Hanabishi Air Fryer thru this link!

Number 2: Xiaomi Induction Cooker

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

You must have seen this in our TikTok videos a number of times already, right? Our beloved and super easy-to-use Xiaomi Induction Cooker. It’s not too loud, works in one touch and a few turns, and easy to clean. For only Php 1,749, we already cooked a lot of tasty dishes on this one. Our induction pots and pans have been well used because of this beautiful thing. Right now, they have FREE Shipping and Cashback promos for this.

Get your Xiaomi Induction Cooker right here!

Number 3: Japanese Nordic Pan

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

Don’t tell our other induction cookware but this is our favorite thing to use for cooking almost everything and anything, the Japanese Nordic Pan! It heats up in a jiffy and it’s super non-stick. For only Php 1,217 now, you can get an all-around pan/pot that’s so cute for everyday use. Awesome, right?

Get your Japanese Nordic Pan thru this link!

Number 4: Non-stick Bear Pan

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

One of the cutest Shopee finds out there, hehe! Say hello to the Non-stick Bear Pan! Our breakfasts have become more pleasing to the eyes, thanks to this one. We got it for only Php 368 and it came in with a small spatula and a small silicone brush. Pro-tip: Brush it will a little oil for best results.

Get your Non-stick Bear Pan right here!

Number 5: Real Kitchen Set for Kids

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

The Best Shopee find of the year according to our lovely 5-year-old daughter, the Real Kitchen Set for Kids! Believe it or not, for only Php 2,500, this thing really works! It heats up really quickly and it can cook. Make sure to be around your child/children when they use it, alright? It comes in Pink, Green, Purple, and Yellow. It has everything your child/children need/s to cook up their favorites!

Get your Real Kitchen Set for Kids thru this link!

Number 6: Japanese Fluffy Pancake Mix

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

We first tried this Japanese Fluffy Pancake Mix via a Christmas Gift and since it was so delicious, we looked for it on Shopee and the rest was history, hehe. This is one of the best out there! Priced at Php 268 and comes in a box of two 150 gram packs inside. That’s already a lot of fluffy Japanese pancakes!

Get your Japanese Fluffy Pancake Mix right here!

Number 7: Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce

Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021

Last item on Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021 post, Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce!!! Yes, three exclamation marks for it because it’s LEGIT and tastes so damn good! Sorry Panda Express haters, the Orange Chicken is really good and this sauce is good for anything that’s fried. Priced at Php 349 pesos, you can already cook several batches of chicken and just spice things up with this and the whole family will surely be happy!

Get your Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce thru this link!

Congratulations for making it this far! As a reward, here’s our 15% Cashback Code for July 15, 2021 only… 715EATSPLO. We repeat, use 715EATSPLO to get 15% cashback sitewide on Shopee, Php 500 minimum spending, capped at Php 80 (200 claims). Happy 7.15 Shopee Mega Payday Sale to you all!!!


One thought on “Our Top 7 Shopee Finds of 2021”

  1. Great finds! I actually got the same non-stick bear pan it’s sooo cool. I’m quite intrigued with the Panda Express orange chicken sauce, I’m pretty sure hubby will like it!


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