[BGC EATS] Ramen Nagi Concept Store at One Bonifacio High Street Mall


Calling all RAMEN LOVERS!!! Ramen Nagi has just opened its 19th branch and it’s at the One Bonifacitio High Street Mall in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig.  Yes, ramen lovers from BGC and its surrounding areas can now enjoy their favorite Ramen Nagi ramen, gyoza, karaage, and many more! This branch is the newest and most different (interior wise) Ramen Nagi in the Philippines! In this edition of EATSplorations, I, Mr. Eats, will be sharing about the Ramen Nagi Concept Store at One Bonifacio High Street Mall in BGC. This Ramen Nagi is different from all the other branches they have. It has a different look that specifically caters to the target market in and around BGC. Keep on reading to find out more about Ramen Nagi’s NEWEST store, enjoy!

Ramen Nagi at the One Bonifacio Hight Street Mall!


This is the first and only Ramen Nagi restaurant that looks like this! The owners of the Philippine franchise had to talk to the owners about changing the look of this particular branch. What’s new? Well, this Ramen Nagi branch looks really classy and it feels more relaxing. The noise level was just right which is perfect for a working lunch or a relaxing meal after a stressful day at the office.


Ramen Nagi is located at the 2nd floor of the One Bonifacio High Street Mall. Make sure you ask the guard at the entrance because you might think that there’s nothing at the mall yet as most of the stores are still under construction. Better to be early because this branch is just under the Philippine Stock Exchange and is surrounded by a great number of offices. BGC lunch crowd can get a little too crazy so be early, okay?


Ramen lovers may choose to dine at the counter to enjoy the sight of Ramen Nagi’s noodle masters doing their craft!


See all that pork belly and pork shoulder? Yummmmm!!!


Speaking of Ramen Nagi’s noodle masters! Hello, Ramen Man Group!


Diners may also choose to dine on long tables like this one! Long noodles, long meals, and long conversations. Talk about a perfect Ramen Nagi EATSperience!


The servers were really excited before the opening and they had even more energy when they started serving out ramen and other Ramen Nagi favorites!


Time to order! Well, I ordered the highly recommended TRUFFLE KING with extra pork belly, tamago, seaweed, and kikurage. DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t that hungry when I ordered, hehe!


Gyoza (Php 220)

While waiting for my ramen, my friends and I ordered some appetizers first. Of course, we had to have some Gyoza! I’m a big fan of Ramen Nagi’s Gyoza because it’s packed with so much meat and veggies. Also, because it’s served on a hot plate with beansprouts. Different flavors and textures that definitely complement each other!


Pork Katsu Roll (Php 295)

Next up is the Pork Katsu Roll! Crispy, meaty, and little fatty rolls of perfectly cooked pork with heaps of Ramen Nagi’s original mayo based sauce. This is one of the things that I never fail to order when I dine at Ramen Nagi because it’s just really delicious. I love the sauce because it tastes like a mild wasabi mayo which is perfect for anything fried.


Curry Chicken Karaage (Php 270)

This one was a revelation! It was my first time to order this kind of karaage and it was amazing! I’m calling it, this is one of the best chicken karaage in town. The chicken was really crispy on the outside and extremely juicy on the inside. It was perfectly cooked inside and out! The curry flavor was just right so even if you’re not a fan of spicy food, you can still enjoy this one.


Up next is the main event of this EATSperience, Ramen Nagi’s TRUFFLE KING!!! Just look at that truffle oil and freshly shave truffle. The smell of this ramen was simply irresistible!


Truffle King (Php 700) Add-ons (Pork Belly Php 120, Nori Php 60, Tamago Php 60, and Kikurage Php 50)

This by far is the best ramen I have ever had in Ramen Nagi! It’s not just about the generous amount of truffle paste, fresh truffle, and truffle oil, it’s about how everything just blended so well in creating one heavenly bowl of ramen. This definitely is one of the best ramen bowls I have ever had in my life. The richness and the aroma of the broth alone were really satisfying and comforting. I will definitely come back to Ramen Nagi One Bonifacio High Street Mall for this (and the Curry Chicken Karaage, hehe)!


If you love ramen and if you work or live around the area of One Bonifacio High Street, you will surely enjoy having Ramen Nagi as one of your options for lunch, merienda, or dinner. Its ambiance is perfect for a relaxed meal with friends and colleagues. Families will also love its concept because of the inviting and chill atmosphere. As for me, I will definitely take my family here to enjoy bowls of ramen together with their great tasting appetizers. I can’t for my wife and baby to try out the Truffle King and Curry Chicken Karaage! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’til next time!

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Ramen Nagi Concept Store

Level 2, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, 28th Street Corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Facebook / Instagram

Budget: 1200 php for two

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