Ha-inan Delivery and Takeout


Nowadays, eating is all about convenience. We may crave for certain kinds of food every now and then but we always think if it’s convenient for us to go out and go through the hassle of booking a ride and spending so much time on the road. Sometimes, it’s just more enjoyable to order from somewhere and enjoy eating at home. Good thing now, there are a lot of options when it comes to having all kinds of food delivered. Fast food isn’t the only option. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you about one option that you can all have when it comes to food delivery and takeout. That option is Ha-inan Delivery and Takeout! Ha-inan came from the Filipino word “hain” which means to serve a certain dish. It’s very suiting because Ha-inan serves up dishes that we, Filipinos, love! Keep on reading to find out more about Ha-inan and our own EATSperience about their food, enjoy!

Ha-inan Delivery and Takeout!


Just dial (02) 636 1686 and you can have all of these comforting Pinoy-loved dishes! We got Canton Guisado, Soy Chicken, Sinigang Steak, Cassava Bites, and of course, some rice! For a small family of three, we were really pleased on how big the serving sizes are. Every dish is definitely good for 4-5 hungry people.


Canton Guisado (Price starts at Php 70 for a single serving up to Php 990 for 21 to 25 persons)

We got the one for 3-5 persons (Php 330) and we were really happy about it. It tasted pretty homey and nostalgic. Also, it was topped with so much meat and veggies which is a good thing. This one’s a great potluck contribution for the holiday season and special occasions.



Soy Chicken (Php 350 for one whole)

This one was really really tasty! We loved how fragrant and crispy it was. However, it was a little bit dry and probably overcooked. A little more juiciness on the meat will surely make this Soy Chicken really really good! TIP: Make sure to ask for extra sauce as it will make the chicken more flavorful and moist.



Sinigang Steak (Php 480 for 3-5 and Php 850 for 8-10)

Super rich sinigang with lots of brisket-y meat! We love love love how creamy the sinigang was. It almost felt like we were eating sinigang gravy but in a good way. The beef was really tender! It also had enough fat to make it more enjoyable. This one made us eat more rice than usual, hehe!


Cassava Bites (Php 180 for box of 15)

Chewy and gooey cassava squares! We loved the char on top and the clean cassava flavor. It was also a plus that it wasn’t too sweet. Great end to a good delivered meal!


All in all, it was a great family meal with good food. We enjoyed all of the dishes that we tried. The Canton was good. The Sinigang Steak was awesome! The Soy Chicken could have been better. The Cassava Bites was great! Thanks to Ha-inan for sending these food over! Will we have their food again? For potlucks or special occasions, of course! The food is good enough and reasonably priced, too. It’s a good alternative to our old favorites. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’til next time!

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Ha-inan Delivery and Takeout

488 Barangka Drive cor. Camiguin St., Barangay Malamig, Mandaluyong City

+632 636 1686 or 245 5856

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