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We have been in love with Japanese food for quite a long time now and we were able to EATSperience a number of really good Japanese restaurants already. We would also catch ourselves craving for something Japanese most of the time. Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Kushiyaki, and so much more. Included in our list of Japanese food cravings is a hot bowl of ramen! All three of us, yes, Baby Eats included, love ramen. And we are always up for trying out new ramen places around the metro. Well, maybe it’s not just us who are into looking for new ramen places, most likely a lot of other Filipino diners too. Because Pinoys nowadays are into the ramen craze. In one of our recent EATSperiences, we tried out a Michelin-starred ramen restaurant that we found in Bonifacio High Street. So ramen-lovers and Japanese food enthusiasts (well, if you clicked our link, then you must be one! :D), join us as we share about our Tsuta Ramen-BGC EATSperience! Enjoy!

First time at Tsuta Ramen – BGC!




Located at Bonifacio High Street Central, Tsuta has a seating capacity of around 40 diners, that has bar seats that will definitely entertain the diners as they will be able to see first-hand how their ramen is being prepared. Just like the ramen houses that we have visited in Japan, Tsuta is not that spacious as compared to other Japanese restaurants here, but it is quite bigger than the ones we’ve been to in Japan. It exudes casual-dining for families and friends who are up for a bowl of piping hot ramen. Take a look at how Tsuta Manila is like in the video below! Enjoy!

Time to EATSperience Tsuta’s Ramen!

Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba
Php 620

One of their best-sellers! We did ask what are there best-sellers, just to make sure we don’t miss out, since it was our first time to dine here. Firm noodles with 4 slices of Char Siu, flavored egg, bamboo shoots, leek, all in really tasty Shoyu broth made even flavorful by truffle pureed in truffle oil. One recommended ramen bowl that we really enjoyed!


Sang La Tan Tan Men Soba
Php 390

Since Tsuta has been here in Manila for quite some time already, they have been adding items in their menu to make their patrons and other diners look forward to something new. A new addition is the Sang La Tan Tan Men Soba. Inspired by a famous Filipino dish, Sang La Tan Tan Men Soba is made of Tsuta’s signature dashi broth made creamier and richer with peanut paste, topped with minced pork, cane vinegar, chili oil and heaps of chili for that needed kick. We were told that it might be too creamy for some that’s why a certain amount of spice is needed to balance it out. A different take on the conventional ramen, which we found interesting. This bowl is for those who are looking for something unusual with a kick.



Our first time at Tsuta did not disappoint. As we enjoyed the pretty tasty and comforting ramen that we had. It was a bit pricey for though, as some ramen restaurants are able to offer something cheaper at probably almost the same quality. Something that would make Tsuta standout is that they have different types of bases for their broth like chicken, fish, clam, etc, and it will definitely make you veer away from the norm of having Tonkotsu-based ramen. Some might not like it but it’s what make Tsuta different and even worthy of a Michelin star. If you are in the area, or just simply looking for something new to try, check out Tsuta Ramen in BGC and let us know what you think. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Tsuta Ramen

C3, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

+632 625 4678

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:30am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1300 php for two

Tsuta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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