Dinner in the Sky Philippines – Solaire Resort


How adventurous are we as a couple? Well, not quite. Maybe one of the things that made our hearts beat fast, aside from our wedding and giving birth experience, was when we rode a roller coaster. Haha! But the thought of dining up in the air? It gave us sweaty hands, cold feet and yes, racing heartbeats. Just by thinking of it, we sort of prepared ourselves not to drop our gadgets 50 meters down the ground. Are we afraid of heights? Kind of. Did it stop us? Not really. As this once in a lifetime experience will surely be one for the books! Join us as we take you to a different kind of dining EATSperience. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about our Dinner in the Sky Philippines-Solaire Resort EATSperience. Enjoy!

Dinner in the Sky Philippines – Solaire Resort!



As we were approaching the driveway entrance of Solaire, we saw the blue crane that would lift us up 50 meters off the ground. And we looked at each other signaling that this is really happening! Upon entering, we were escorted to the Solaire VIP lounge. That’s where all the pre-boarding procedure and waiting took place. We registered, signed a waiver (yup! there’s one!), got our wrist tags, and comfortably sat as we conditioned ourselves (haha!). TIP: If you avail of the package that has unlimited wine both in the lounge and in the air, you can already enjoy it while waiting to board. An usher will instruct everyone when it is time to go out and board.

Time to board the dining room in the sky!


As we made our way out, we started feeling our adrenaline rushing. The marshals instructed us to line up according to our seat numbers and as our numbers were called, we headed to the locker room for our bags to be deposited, because bags are NOT allowed. Cameras, phones, and power banks are allowed, this means though that you have to secure it at your own risk. TIP:ย Bring a GoPro or any wide-angled camera with a strap so you can safely take photos and videos of your EATSperience.



The boarding takes place 2-3 diners at a time. The safety officers individually straps the diners, double and triple checking everything. There are 2 seat belts for a really safe ride. One that goes over both shoulders and another one that goes around the waist. If you are brave enough, seats can be turned sideways and to be more adventurous, you can recline the back of your seat. Our seat numbers were 12 and 13, Mr. Eats was at seat number 12 which was the corner seat, that gave him a really good view of the city landscape. We were at the 5:30 pm time slot, which means getting a view of the Manila Bay sunset. TIP: If you want to have a full view of the sunset, try to request to be seated anywhere from seats 19-22, and if you want a good view of the city, request for seats between 8-12.

Strapped in and ready to EAT!
Lovely view of Solaire from 50m high!

Solaire’s Chef Hylton Le Roux and his crew!



While we were waiting for dinner to start, Chef Hylton and his crew kept on assuring us, which we thought was really really good in keeping everyone calm and comfortable. Chef Patricia, one of the two assistants close to us, kept checking if we were okay or if we need something to be more comfortable. It was also really nice listening to her stories and chatting with her. Thank you, Chef Patricia! We were really glad to be on your side of the table.



The chef on board was Chef Hylton Le Roux of Waterside, and he, together with his 2 assistants are scheduled to serve the diners from April 2-8. There are 2 safety officers as well that are on board. These safety officers are good at taking photos, so they can definitely help you if you want a photo up in the air. TIP: Just do note that these safety officers are NOT always all Filipinos, so speak to them in English just to be sure.

Time to EATSperience dining at 50 meters high!

Tuna Tiradito with Aji Amarillo Paste Lime Pickled Red Radish, and Cassava Crunch

Now time for the food! Our first dish was Tuna Tiradito, we loved the play of flavors in this dish. Refreshing taste from the tuna and pickled red radish and a spicy kick from the Aji Amarillo paste. What a kick off to start our Dinner in the Sky EATSperience!


Anticuchos de Pollo with Tamarind Habanero Glaze, Mojo Verde, Baby Beetroot, and Baby Cancha Corn

Our second dish was the Anticuchos de Pollo. Sweet notes and a little bit spice from the lovely glaze. The chicken was really juicy. Perfectly cooked. All in all, a very beautiful and tasty dish! Chef Hylton’s food definitely helped us a lot at 50 meters high.

One happy sky diner! ๐Ÿ˜€
Risky food in the air shot! ๐Ÿ˜€
Mr. EATS’ Main Course – Cuban-style Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Mojo Sauce, Agave Roast Baby Carrots, and Spicy Refried Beans

This pork belly dish was really tasty and filling! We were given such a big cut of pork belly and it had a great ratio of meat and fat. The spicy refried beans sauce was so delicious! The whole dish had great balance of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors. Well done, Chef Hylton!

Mrs. EATS’ Main Course – Mexican Adobo Spiced Salmon with Red Quinoa, Edamame, Huancaina Cream, and Chili Corn Salsa

This was one really filling main course, thanks to the huge cut of salmon! The crisp skin and the flaky flesh of the salmon were cooked perfectly. We also loved the different flavors and textures from the red quinoa, edamame, Huancaina cream and chili corn salsa. One amazing main dish!

Make your own dessert – Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Dome with Praline and Chocolate Texture

Now for the dessert! It was fun that they put an interactive twist on this dish. They had us plate our own dessert and it was a competition. So the competitive selves in us got excited. Haha! They gave us the different components of the Dulce de Leche dessert and encouraged us to be creative. And the winner gets a free signature cocktail from Waterside. Guess who benefited from being competitive?!

The winner of the dessert plating contest is… Mrs. EATS!

And… we’re down safe and sound!


After an hour of a thrilling yet memorable dining EATSperience up in the air, we landed safely on the ground. We personally enjoyed this once in a lifetime EATSperience. Taking us to greater heights (literally speaking!) We loved the food, the view and the ambiance up in the air, as well as the very accommodating kitchen and safety crew. One of the best dining EATSperience that we had to date. Packages may be really pricey, but do remember though that this is a once in a lifetime EATSperience and if you have a few thousands of pesos to spare, it is definitely worth it. For more information and for booking, just simply check their website. If you have a fear of heights, this might be one of the ways to conquer it. Should you decide to give it a try, be excited, be thrilled and enjoy the ride! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Dinner in the Sky Philippines

Solaire Resort & Casino, Aseana Avenue, Entertainment City, Paraรฑaque City

For bookings:ย https://www.dinnerinthesky.ph/index.php

For packages and menu:


FAQ’s:ย https://www.dinnerinthesky.ph/index.php?p=faq

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