Steak Dinner at Cowrie Grill by The Manila Hotel – Greenhills, San Juan


We rarely go out after work especially on a Friday night. Main reason? Traffic! The traffic here in Manila can be exhausting at times specifically during Fridays, when people are out ready to welcome the weekend. But in one of our recent EATSperiences, there was an exception. We braved going out on a Friday night to have our first ever dining EATSperience at a well known restaurant by The Manila Hotel. Aside from us having a huge love for steaks, we were excited as well because this restaurant has been a household name in the historical Manila Hotel. So without any hesitation we decided to have our first ever taste of Cowrie Grill. Join us and find out about our Steak Dinner at Cowrie Grill by The Manila Hotel EATSperience!

Cowrie Grill by The Manila Hotel – Greenhills






Being known as what used to be an in-house restaurant in The Manila Hotel, Cowrie grill in Greenhills made us feel that we were inside the hotel itself. With its classic and elegant interior, Cowrie Grill is a perfect place for romantic dates or celebrating special occassions. One of the signature decors in this restaurant are the cowrie, and these are the original ones handpicked from the old Cowrie Grill when it was still in The Manila Hotel. Aside from its nostalgic feel, Cowrie Grill caters best to families and friends who are looking for a good intimate fine-dining place to relax at and have a good meal after work or even after a long of shopping as well.

It’s time to try what Cowrie Grill has to offer!

Cowrie Grill’s set menu is priced at PHP 2,500 nett per person. Their set caters to your own preference starting with your choice of soup, the Maitre D’ Caesar Salad, choice of surf and turf and for dessert the Baked Alaska, then sealing things off with a choice of coffee or tea and some chocolate crinkles. The surf and turf sets both include the Angus beef rib, mixed mushroom risotto, baked garlic and garden vegetables. As for the surf, one set includes a slipper lobster tail and the other set has a Chilean sea bass. Lookin’ good so far? Keep reading to find out what our choices were.

Caesar Salad ingredients


Maitre D’ Caesar Salad (deconstructed)

Both surf and turf sets has this deconstructed classic Caesar Salad. It was freshly prepared tableside and the serving size was just right to start a hefty meal. The crunch from the romaine lettuce and bacon was complemented by the sweet and zesty Caesar salad dressing.

Mr. Eats’ Choice of Set Menu

Fresh Mushroom Cappucino
(wild mushroom, truffle foam, and herbed crouton)
Surf and Turf A
(slipper lobster tail, angus beef rib, mixed mushroom risotto, baked garlic, and garden vegetables)


His take: “Just the right cut of perfectly cooked steak with an amazing piece of buttery lobster tail. Yes, I just had a great first time at Cowrie Grill because of this amazing combination. This was probably one of the best first times I have had in a long time not only because of how classic this Surf and Turf combo was, it was because Cowrie Grill’s Set Menu is really a complete package for a memorable steak EATSperience.”

Mrs. Eats’ Choice of Set Menu

French Onion Soup
(with croutons and Swiss cheese gratin)
Surf and Turf B
(Chilean sea bass and angues beef rib, mixed mushroom risotto, baked garlic, and garden vegetables)


Her take: “The cook on both the steak and the sea bass were perfect for me. My Angus Beef Rib was tender and juicy, and my Chilean Sea Bass was sweet and silky. I also loved that there were three different sauces to complement my steak and the sides were a perfect pair too. With Cowrie Grill’s set menu, the quality and the price of the food, I would say, dining here is worth every peso!

Finishing things off with dessert on FIRE!

Baked Alaska


This Baked Alaska is one of the best desserts that we have had in our EATSperiences. We loved the perfectly browned meringue, flambeed with brandy. And as we sliced the cake, what’s inside was even better. Moist sponge cake with strawberry ice cream in the middle. Layers of different textures and flavors all in one bite.


Dining at Cowrie Grill did not just give us a mouthwatering surf and turf set meal, but it also awed us with their outstanding tableside service. Certain dishes such as the Maitre D’ Caesar Salad and the Baked Alaska were prepared in front of us., and both our eyes and our tummies had a feast. Cowrie Grill also has other offerings for carnivores like us. Every Thursday, they have a Beef Rib Rush promotional. It is an all-you-can-eat premier Angus beef ribs with a standard side, available for lunch and dinner, priced at PHP 3,500 nett per person. Now we can’t wait to come back and have an intimate date here at Cowrie Grill. With the quality and price, it sure is worth another visit. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Cowrie Grill by The Manila Hotel

Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Centre, Greenhills, San Juan City

+632 463 1993


Website / Facebook

Operating Hours:

10:00am to 3:00pm and 6:30pm to 10:30 (Mon-Sun)

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