[NEW] Sriracha Beef Ramen – Tokyo Tokyo


We love how Tokyo Tokyo makes their diners, most especially their patrons look forward to something new, as they keep innovating and creating dishes that diners of all ages will surely enjoy. We remember sharing our Sriracha Donburi EATSperience, how much we have enjoyed that filling and tasty rice bowl. And we are glad that Tokyo Tokyo created a ramen counterpart. Aside from us having a natural love for ramen, this ramen is affordable yet tasty and flavorful. Join us in this edition of EATSplorations, as we share with you The NEW Sriracha Beef Ramen by Tokyo Tokyo.

The NEW Sriracha Beef Ramen by Tokyo Tokyo!


For only Php 145 (snack size) and Php 195 (regular), you may already enjoy this spicy and creamy bowl ramen. Ramen noodles topped with shredded carrots and cabbage, chopped scallions, nitamago egg, beef misono and of course, a dollop of sriracha sauce. All bathing in a creamy and tasty broth and finished with a big flake of seaweed.


If you want more than just a bowl of ramen, you may also enjoy the Sriracha Beef Ramen with your favorite Tokyo Tokyo sides. You have the option to just add P70 for fried gyoza, P60 for steamed gyoza or P60 for chicken karaage, all add-ons comes with a glass of red iced tea. Isn’t a complete meal like this perfect for your hungry tummy?

Fried Gyoza
Chicken Karaage


We loved how this ramen had a generous amount of toppings. Surprisingly the broth was really creamy and was really flavorful, and when we mixed the Sriracha sauce, it was not too spicy for own taste. It still had a good balance of savory and spicy flavors. The savory beef misono was a perfect meat topping as it added to the play of different flavors and textures.


If we enjoyed the Sriracha Donburi, we definitely enjoyed the Sriracha Beef Ramen even more. It’s definitely perfect for lunch, dinner or even during snacks. If you want more than just ramen, don’t hesitate to upgrade your meal with some add-ons. Remember, you may opt to have your hot bowl of ramen with a plate of fried gyoza, steamed gyoza or chicken karaage with a glass of red iced tea to complete your meal. So head on to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo store and have a taste of their new Sriracha Beef Ramen. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. Until next time!

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