New Dishes at Amici by Chef Paolo Moran


Amici has been known for their great-tasting Italian food for so many years now. We always remember how we much we loved Amici’s pizza and pasta ever since its Don Bosco days. It started from a humble eatery in Don Bosco, Makati, and now, Amici has a number of branches in Metro Manila that caters to countless EATSperiences of friends and families. The expansion paved its way to having new and delectable dishes that they offer to their loyal diners and to the first timers as well. In this edition of EATSplorations, we EATSperienced the New Dishes at Amici by Chef Paolo Moran in their Ayala Triangle Gardens branch. Keep reading to find out more about these delectable Italian treats!

Amici at Ayala Triangle Gardens





From its humble beginnings at Don Bosco, Amici remained to have an ambiance that diners of all ages will enjoy. With its casual dining interior, Italian music playing in the background and a refreshing garden view—friends, couples and families will surely have a good time dining here.

Amici’s very own, Chef Paolo Moran



Chef Paolo’s experiences in Italy together with his passion and skill for cooking, was what inspired him to curate 6 new dishes to be added to Amici’s menu of good Italian food. These 6 new dishes are: Bacon & Cheese Gnocchi, The Italian Burger, Pasta Nero, Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza, Seafood Diablo and Bistecca Striploin Steak. Yes, we will be sharing our very own EATSperience of the 6 new dishes at Amici! Are you ready to find out more about them?

Mangiamo (let’s EAT)!

Spinach Artichoke
Php 285
The parmesan coated pizza crust wedges were amazing! We loved the crunchy texture of the pizza crust and parmesan. It was a perfect complement to the creamy spinach artichoke dip. We would surely order this again!

Bacon & Cheese Gnocchi
Php 368
Amici’s gnocchi pasta is handmade from scratch. Soft with a slightly chewy texture on our first bite. The creaminess and flavor of the cheese sauce and bacon enveloped the little pieces of pasta really well. Even Baby Eats loved this!

The Italian Burger
Php 368
The Italian Burger is not your ordinary burger because of the perfectly seasoned beef and Italian sausage patty that was super tasty! The EATSperience was made even more special by the buttery brioche buns, crispy onion rings, cheddar cheese, and special sauce.

Pasta Nero
(squid ink pasta)
Php 398
This was our favorite among all the new dishes. A Sicilian technique of mixing pomodoro sauce with squid ink according to Chef Paolo was used to create this sophisticated pasta nero dish. The crunchy calamari and garlic aioli drizzle provided that much-needed combination of texture and fragrance to the dish.

Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza
Php 468
If you like spicy food, this pizza is perfect for you. The spicy Italian sausage and dried chili flakes made this pizza really hot. We made use of the honey that was a side serving to keep the balance our taste buds needed.

Seafood Diablo
Php 378
This pasta dish had a combination of sweet, spicy and tangy flavors. The natural sweetness from the clams and scallops was a good complement to the tangy tomato and cream sauce. And the chili flakes and chili oil gave this dish a spicy kick.

Bistecca Striploin Steak
(served with a choice of two sides: rice pilaf, baked potatoes, mixed veggies, sauteed mushrooms)
Php 795
Tender, juicy and perfectly cooked striploin steak with well-seasoned baked potatoes and mixed veggies. Perfect dish to share with fellow steak-lovers!

Matcha Gelato by Caramia
Php 90 per scoop
By far one of the best matcha gelato we have ever had. Really creamy and milky yet the matcha flavor is still strong. We will definitely go to Caramia when we crave for a good matcha gelato.


Another EATSperience that really filled our tummies. Even Baby Eats enjoyed her first Amici EATSperience and sure it won’t be the last. We loved how Chef Paolo was able to execute these new dishes really well. The 6 new dishes at Amici will surely be the future bestsellers in no time because all of them looked and tasted wonderful. It is good to know that an established restaurant like Amici continues to innovate to give their diners a reason to keep coming back.

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Ayala Triangle Gardens, Salcedo Village, Makati City

+632 621 6111 or +632 822 1111

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

10:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Fri)

11:00am to 9:00pm (Sat-Sun)

Budget: 1000 php for two

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