Treats from Sweet Success

Sweet Success

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again! Lots of gatherings, reunions, parties and many more await. And since it’s the season of giving, we exchange treats left and right. Fruit cakes, brownies, cookies, cakes and many many more that fill up our cupboards, refrigerators and tummies. In this edition of EATSplorations, we are going to share with you about a couple of holiday season treats we received from Sweet Success. The name might sound familiar because they have been around for a number of years already; making different kinds of cakes and cookies. If you are looking for gift options for the holiday season and more, you may want to check out their website. Anyways, we won’t keep you waiting as Christmas season is fast approaching. Here comes our Sweet Success EATSperience, enjoy!

Sweet Success
Chocolate Meringue Bars
Php 460 (20s) and Php 235 (10s)

[Mr. Eats] Gooey bars of goodness! I loved every bit of the Chocolate Meringue Bars because it wasn’t overly sweet which is a really good thing in my opinion. I also loved the varied layers of texture in every bite. This is a perfect treat to give away to friends and family this Christmas season.

Sweet Success

[Mrs. Eats] I love desserts! And receiving sweet trEATS is such a joy. These Chocolate Meringue Bars were chewy, which I really liked. However, I just wish the meringue would have been more on the sweeter side to complement the right amount of sweetness from the bars. But for those like Mr.Eats, who likes their sweets light only, this is a must-try.

Sweet Success
Personalized Jar of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Php 210 (15 pieces)

[Mr. Eats] First of all, good thing this wasn’t the raisin variety or else I won’t be having any of it because of my intense dislike for raisins (sorry raisin lovers!). I loved the idea behind the personalized jar (recipient’s name on the side of the jar) because it gives more thoughtfulness behind the gift. The cookies were lovely! Lots of chocolate chips and it had the right level of chewiness and crispness. If you have a cookie monster kind of friend or family member, this personalized jar of cookies is the perfect gift this holiday season.

Sweet Success

[Mrs. Eats] Chocolate chip cookies will always a loved trEAT of mine. This had the right amount of sweetness for me because each cookie had a generous amount of chocolate chips. The cookies were more of crunchy when I took my first bite, but the inside had  a chewy texture. This is good gift idea and I really liked the personalized jar concept.

Thanks to Sweet Success for these goodies! We hope to order from you in the near future. To all our readers, if you want to give some holiday treats this Christmas, check out Sweet Success or other local sellers. Let us all support local products, this holiday season and all types of occasions to help small to medium-sized enterprises grow. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Sweet Success

2B, 960 G. Masangkay Street, Binondo, Manila


+632 244 8790

Website / Facebook / Instagram


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