Sambo Kojin Grill at Home!


Missing your favorite Korean/Japanese grill? Here’s an EATSperience that’s perfect to satisfy that craving of yours! In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing our Sambo Kojin Grill at Home EATSperience! It’s been more than 6 months since we last dined at Sambo Kojin and during the long quarantine, we were able to EATSperience their amazing meats and banchan once again because of their Grill at Home sets. We actually vlogged about it, if you’d like to watch it, here’s the link to the video. Since it’s already the holiday season, we would like to share about Sambo Kojin’s Grill at Home! It would be great to celebrate Christmas or online reunions while grilling some quality meats at home, right? Keep on reading to find out more!

Sambo Kojin Grill at Home!


Sambo Kojin is one of our favorites when it comes to all-you-can-eat dining! It’s one of the many places that we miss going to (Yup, we haven’t dined outside of our home yet since the quarantine started, hehe). Although they are already open for dine-in, we would still go for their Grill at Home sets, just to be safe.


Each Grill at Home set includes Banchan or side dishes that are both spicy and non-spicy. It goes perfectly with all the meats that you will be eating. Our favorite Banchan is the Spinach and the traditional Napa Cabbage Kimchi.


Sambo Kojin Grill at Home also has lots of lettuce, garlic, chili, and all the sauces and marinades to complete the EATSperience!


When we ordered in May, we also got the Imarflex Grill that they were selling for only Php 3000 (Please check with them if you want to buy it, too!). Sambo Kojin has it all, right?! There’s no reason for you to miss grilling so much because you can already do it at home with Sambo Kojin’s Grill at Home!


We got the Samgyupsal Kit that is supposedly good for 4-6 but we think it might even be good for 8 to 10 and it’s only Php 1988 (at that time). Please check with them if it’s still the same, alright? As you can see, aside from the sets they also have add-ons that include more meat, seafood, sides, sauces, and many more. Talk about a hassle-free grill EATSperience at home!


One of the quality meats that they have, the US Marbled Beef! This is our hands-down favorite. Fatty, easy-to-cook, and super tasty.


All kinds of Samgyupsal or Pork Belly in different marinades! Our favorite among the pork selections is the Honey Garlic for its sweetness and aroma.


Also another Samgyupsal with so much flavor, the Herbed Samgyupsal!


We were just 3 when we had this and yes, we didn’t finish it in one go. We had the rest for dinner, hehe! One full day of grilled pork and beef FOR THE WIN, thanks to Sambo Kojin’s Grill at Home! If you are looking for something to share this Holiday Season, make sure to check this one out! You and your family will surely have a great time! That’s it for this Korean/Japanese BBQ edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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Sambo Kojin



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