Shanghai Like a Diamond with Happy Roll PH!


Shanghai Like a Diamond with Happy Roll PH! Lumpia is one of favorites when it comes to Filipino / Chinoy dishes. It’s a quick and easy dish anyone can prepare. Many of us know lumpiang shanghai, a dish with minced pork and finely chopped vegetables stuffed in spring roll wrappers. This famous and classic dish has been a staple for most Filipino celebrations. Happy Roll PH is here ready to share with you their love for lumpiang shanghai and their healthier take on it!

Shanghai Like a Diamond with Happy Roll PH!


Take your pick between the Chicken Lumpia and Bangus Lumpia which both come in ready-to-cook frozen packs with 25 pieces per pack and priced at P300 and P340, respectively.


The chicken lumpia is a crowd favorite because of its savory and rich taste. Chicken in spring rolls actually work!


The bangus lumpia is perfect for seafood lovers and those who simply want to eat spring rolls minus the guilt. The meat is light and it’s a unique take on the usual lumpia filling. Overall, the white meat and the ample amount of spices and seasonings make both variants flavorful and addicting.


Cook it for breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner; spring rolls are perfect any time of the day. They are also easy to cook because all you have to do is fry it until golden perfection. Before we forget, the garlic mayo is on a different level, too! Perfect with both chicken and bangus lumpia.

Happy Roll PH is sure to be a staple in every Filipino household. Place your orders now via Instagram (@happyrollph) because these spring rolls can’t wait to roll into your kitchen soon.

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