Classic Chinese Food from The Humble Chef PH!


Fresh Lumpia, Hong Ma, Cha Misua, and Kiampung. Four of many Chinese dishes that I grew up eating. Dishes that remind me so much of my childhood, growing up right at the heart of Manila’s Chinatown. It’s been almost 20 years since my family and I moved from Binondo to Quezon City and now I live with my own family in Pasay. I still miss these classic Chinese / Chinoy food. Food that reminds me of family, relatives, and friends. In this edition of EATSplorations, I will be sharing about our most recent EATSperience about some amazing Classic Chinese Food from The Humble Chef PH! Keep on reading to know more about The Humble Chef PH and its Chinese food offerings!

Classic Chinese Food from The Humble Chef PH!


The Humble Chef PH is headed by the Ama and Achi tandem of the Lee family in Sta. Mesa. The magic of The Humble Chef PH lies in the recipes of Ama that are being passed down to the younger generation. These Chinese and Taiwanese family recipes are now available for everyone to EATSperience and enjoy, thanks to the passion of Achi.


Ama’s Cha Misua (Php 500 for 2-3 / Php 1000 for 5-6)

Starting things off with this, Ama’s Cha Misua! Man, this dish brought me back to our apartment in Binondo. It’s so so good! Great balance of flavors and it really looks, feels, and tastes like home. One of the best I’ve ever had.


Hongma with Cuapao (Php 350 for 2-3 / Php 700 for 5-6)

Hongma is a Chinese Braised Pork dish that is usually eaten with Cuapao (soft steamed buns). The Humble Chef PH’s version of Hongma melts in your mouth. The sauce is heavenly, too! It goes extremely well with the cuapao or if you’re feeling extra hungry, try it with white rice! Don’t be shy. My wife and I ate at such a fast pace so that we can have more of it. Really amazing stuff!


That’s how one eats Hongma with Cuapao. You’re welcome, hehe!


Fresh Lumpia (Php 600 for 2-3 / Php 1200 for 5-6)

The Humble Chef PH’s Fresh Lumpia tastes like my mom’s version and it’s so damn amazing! I remembered those days when we would all be in the kitchen, preparing all the ingredients for our fresh lumpia. Super fresh, delicious, and really homey. One of the Best Fresh Lumpias out there. Another hit from The Humble Chef’s Ama and Achi!


Kiampung (Php 360 for 2-3 / Php 680 for 5-6)

Kiampung, also known as Chinese Sticky Rice, is another staple at Chinoy homes like ours. My mom has a pretty badass recipe of Kiampung but please don’t tell her, The Humble Chef PH’s version is a little better than hers. Don’t tell her, haha. I’m not kidding, though. This Kiampung is really really good! Love the balance of sweet and salty flavors plus the super tender pork on top. So so happy about this one!

Hope you enjoyed this very Filipino-Chinese or Chinoy edition of EATSplorations with The Humble Chef PH! If you’re having a feast anytime soon, make sure to check them out. You will surely have the time of your life with their classic Chinese offerings! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!!!

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