Escape to Spain with Cocinalo!


Cocinalo, meaning ‘Cook it!’, is all about bringing authentic Spanish ready-to-cook comida or food into your homes. Go on a food trip to San Sebastian, one of the world’s culinary capitals, where Chef Mikel Martija was born, raised, and trained! Keep on reading to find out how to Escape to Spain with Cocinalo!

Escape to Spain with Cocinalo!


Surprise your taste buds with the first and only Belarria Saltsan in Manila (photo below): a slow-cooked chorizo and pork oreja stew that’s rich, smoky, and melts in your mouth. It’s perfect with white rice or a dip for their croquetas (we don’t know if it’s proper to do that but it tastes so good together, hehe!).


Bite into a crispy-crunchy croqueta (Chef Mikel’s childhood fave!) in classic jamon, pollo, and, for our choco lovers, the choco-queta oozing with local chocolate and cacao nibs!


Crispy on the outside and oozing with silky smooth on the inside. These savory croquetas by Cocinalo are too good!


Check out what’s inside one of Cocinalo’s croquetas! Make you wanna drool, right? Come on, don’t be shy! Take a bite, hehe.


THE choco-queta! This one’s a flavor and texture bomb in one bite. The lovely crunch from the panko-crusted exterior was perfectly complemented by the super-rich and creamy chocolatey inside. We can still taste its goodness until now.

Escape to Spain and delight your taste buds with easy, delicious ready-to-cook comida made con mucho cariño from Cocinalo! For orders, just send them a message on Facebook or Instagram to reserve your Spanish treats. Stay safe and healthy!

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