Best Sushi Bakes in Manila – Eleven Baker Street


Those of you who have jumped on to the sushi bake bandwagon may have already tried the basic California or even the salmon and tuna variants, but Eleven Baker Street takes it up a notch with their Uni Aburi Sushi Bakes and Truffle Scallop Aburi Sushi Bakes. Keep on reading to find out more about the Best Sushi Bakes in Manila – Eleven Baker Street, enjoy!

Best Sushi Bakes in Manila – Eleven Baker Street!


Uni, the Japanese term for sea urchin, is silky and buttery in texture and tastes sweet and briny, which gives it a reputation as the foie gras of the sea. Eleven Baker Street uses heaping servings of fresh uni sourced daily, which they torch and bake to perfection – giving their Uni Aburi Sushi Bake an unmistakable deep savory umami.


So rich, so good! If you love Uni, this Sushi Bake is THE ONE for you.


If you’re looking for a truly sophisticated fusion, you’ve got to try Eleven Baker Street’s Truffle Scallop Aburi Sushi Bake. Incorporating the fragrant aroma of real Italian black truffles with plump and chewy scallops, this best-selling version will give you a gastronomic experience of your dreams. East meets West and lived happily ever with the Truffle Scallop Aburi Sushi Bake.


The BEST Sushi Bake we’ve had so far. Hands down. It’s lovely and tasty in every bite. Simply the best!


Order now at or visit their Instagram or Facebook for more info and other variants. Let’s keep supporting small businesses like Eleven Baker Street! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


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