Pay with PayMaya – Hassle-free Online Payment Experience


PayMaya has been a household name for seamless cashless transactions in the Philippines for some time now. We, ourselves, even have our own PayMaya card for around 2 years already. However, we haven’t really maximized its full potential yet (yup, how stupid, right?!). Well, better late than never! Before the year 2019 ends, we’re finally giving PayMaya another shot! We’re finally using it again after years of just leaving our card unused. After 2 long years, it’s time to pay with PayMaya. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing our very own Pay with PayMaya – Hassle-free Online Payment Experience! Yes, we never really thought that paying online could be that easy, simple, and seamless, thanks to PayMaya! Follow us as we share our blow by blow Pay with PayMaya experience, let’s go!


Pay with PayMaya – Hassle-free Online Payment Experience!


While exploring our newly-installed PayMaya app, we saw the in-app ad that says “Pay with Your Number” when you purchase online deal (avail of this promo now until January 15, 2020!) and got really excited right away! Why? Well, you know sometimes we tend to easily forget our card details or we even misplace our card which makes it hard to complete an online transaction. This “Pay with Your Number” promo is a gamechanger because it makes paying online more convenient and hassle-free. Plus, it also comes with awesome perks!

Step 1: Order thru a PayMaya partner merchant of your choice!


Since we wanted to order something yummy for our little one, we decided to take a look at the partner merchants. Good thing we saw Shakey’s! It is part of the long list of PayMaya partners and we ordered a couple of pizzas right away! Check the list of merchants right here.


Of course, we chose our favorites at Shakey’s! The Classic Pepperoni Thin Crust and the Garlic and Cheese Thin Crust. TIP: Make sure to browse thru PayMaya’s long list of food and non-food merchants to maximize your very own hassle-free online payment experience!

Step 2: Check your order, delivery information, and click on Checkout!


After making sure that our order and delivery information are all correct, we headed straight for checkout and we’re ready to Pay with PayMaya!

Step 3: Move on to payment information and Click Online Credit Card!


We made sure that we clicked on Online Credit Card as our payment method so that we can use our registered mobile number to pay our bill with PayMaya! TIP: Please, please, please double-check what you’ve clicked!

Step 4: Click Pay with PayMaya and log-in to your account!


The next step we made was, we clicked on Pay with PayMaya! TIP: Make sure to click this to log-in to your account to complete your quick online purchase. We’re almost there!!! We hope you’re still with us!


Since we only have one PayMaya registered number, Mr. Eats took charge of this step! He entered his mobile number and password to log-in. TIP: Make sure you know your password, okay?!

Step 5: Time to officially Pay with PayMaya!


For the last time, we checked our chosen merchant, the total amount of our order, and Clicked on Confirm Payment!


Seconds after clicking on Confirm Payment, this page appeared! Payment Successful! YES!!! Our first-ever experience of paying online thru PayMaya was a resounding success! Super fast and EASY. Thank you, PayMaya!

Step 6: Wait for your order and enjoy!


Our order arrived pretty fast, thanks to PayMaya and Shakey’s! The pizzas arrived hot and tasty as expected. Sabine was extremely happy with her Garlic and Cheese Pizza! We were also very happy because every purchase from this awesome Pay with PayMaya promo comes a chance for a CASHBACK of 1%, 10%, or even 100%! We received a 1% cashback of Php 5.72 for this order and it was pretty amazing.


After a wonderful first Pay with PayMaya experience, it’s definitely safe to say that this won’t be our last! It was very easy, fast, and seamless. Perfect for a quick and cashless transaction after a long day at work. Less time worrying if we have enough cash and more quality time spent with our daughter! Thanks to PayMaya!

If you want to get this convenient payment experience too, download the PayMaya app now and use my code MARKPAYMAYA to instantly get P50 in your account. Basta online delivery, don’t pay cash. PayMaya!

To know more about the latest PayMaya deals make sure to check out That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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