#PayMayaItForward this Holiday Season!


Shopping and gift-giving. Two things most, if not all of us, do this Holiday Season. There are sales, deals, and all sorts of promos all around us. It may be in malls, online, or thru mobile apps, people spend so much for themselves and for their loved ones. We love giving gifts to friends and family. However, we often forget to share our blessings to the people around us. This holiday season, PayMaya is inviting us to spread kindness through the #PayMayaItForward campaign.

#PayMayaItForward this Holiday Season!


PayMayaItForward is a social movement initiative of PayMaya Philippines aiming to inspire the Filipinos to “pay it forward” this holiday season by doing random acts of kindness. As a company, PayMaya Philippines’ own act of kindness is to match the amount of cashback given to our users in the ongoing 1-10-100 QR promo, and donate it to their chosen beneficiary, Gawad Kalinga’s School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED Philippines).


Inspired by the PayMaya It Forward initiative, we just had to spread the love by sharing something to our closest friends this season of giving. We purchased a bucket of fries at KFC and used PayMaya QR to pay for this meal. We really wanted to share a meal with them because they’ve been with us through thick and thin. Even though we were really busy this past year, they were always there for us and it’s time for us to show our appreciation of how important they are and their friendship to us.



Through this simple act of kindness, not only were we able to share the love with our friends, we were also able to help out future Filipino entrepreneurs through Gawad Kalinga-SEED Philippines. How? With every 1%-10%-100% cashback that we receive from our PayMaya QR transactions, PayMaya will be giving the same amount to SEED Philippines! This will be happening until December 31, 2019, with all scan-to-pay transactions at PayMaya partner merchants.


Let’s join hands in making this Christmas Season more meaningful by spreading kindness to everyone around us.


Join the PayMaya It Forward movement now. Don’t forget to download the PayMaya app, register, and use my code MARKPAYMAYA to instantly earn P50 in your account, which you can use for your act of kindness this holiday season.

To know more about PayMaya promos and deals, please visit www.paymaya.com/deals.  

That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Please spread the love, PayMaya It Forward, and have a blessed Holiday Season!

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