[NEW Makati EATS] TKB by Tanduay – PNB Building, Ayala Avenue


Makati City is packed with so many drinking and dining places. In and around the Ayala Center alone, there is probably hundreds or maybe even thousands of restaurants, cafes, and eateries of some sort. A lot of classic restaurants have been in the area for many many years and there are also a lot of interesting new ones. In this edition of EATSplorations, I, Mr. Eats, will be sharing about my EATSperience in a NEW Makati EATS spot located right along the always bustling Ayala Avenue. This new restaurant is called TKB by Tanduay at the PNB Building along Ayala Avenue in Makati! TKB is probably the newest restaurant in Makati and in Metro Manila. In fact, it just opened this past May 2019, say hello to TKB by Tanduay at the PNB Building along Ayala Avenue, Makati!

TKB by Tanduay!


Located at the ground floor of the PNB Building along Ayala Avenue, TKB by Tanduay promises to be one of the hottest restaurant concepts of 2019 because of its Japanese cuisine and Tanduay Rhum fusion dishes and pairings!


Why TKB? TKB stands for The Kushi Bar. Kushi is short for Kushiyaki (grilled skewered items). TKB by Tanduay is a restaurant where diners can EATsperience a wide variety of grilled meat, poultry, and seafood skewers together with other Japanese favorites.


TKB really looks and feels like a Japanese restaurant, thanks to the bar and the open kitchen. The barrels reminded me of Tanduay, of course. The space was just right. Not too big and not too small. It looks perfect for lunch outs and after work chill out sessions with colleagues.


TKB by Tanduay’s interior from another angle.


During my EATSperience, TKB by Tanduay’s Japanese chef was busy preparing their signature rolls and dishes.


Chef Yuri Amani and her masterpiece of a sushi plate.


Maguro Mentai Ae (Php 270)

Fresh tuna cubes with fish roe. Nothing beats the fresh flavors of the sea as a starter and TKB by Tanduay definitely did a wonderful job on this one. Simple, no fuss starter that kicked off my TKB EATSperience in a great way!


Miso Cream Cheese (Php 250)

Cream cheese with miso and rhum infused dried fruits and nuts. This was surprisingly good! I have never been a fan of anything with dried fruits but Chef Yuri’s creation changed my mind. This was mindblowing! I really loved the richness of the cream cheese, umami from the miso, and rhum infused fruits and the nuts just cuts through it all beautifully.


Assorted Plate of Sushi Rolls (Php 70 – Php 170 per piece)

These were really huge bites of sushi rolls! Filling and really tasty at the same time. It would be better though if these were a bit small so that diners can appreciate the topping more. My favorites among the nine sushi rolls were the Salmon, Shrimp, and the Cream Cheese.


Gyokai Sakamushi (Php 350)

A traditional Japanese dish of seafood steamed with alcohol, in this case with Tanduay Rhum. I loved this dish so much because the seafood was greatly complemented by the Tanduay Rhum flavor. It’s very appetizing and refreshing at the same time!


Assorted Plate of Kushis (Php 70 – Php 140 per stick)

TKB won’t be The Kushi Bar without the Kushis / Kushiyaki! I had this plate of around eight grilled skewers and it was such a delight. Best eaten when fresh off the grill so make sure that after a few snaps for Instagram, EAT IT RIGHT AWAY. I enjoyed the Gizzard, Chicken Legs, and Chicken Meatballs the most!


Teba Karaage (Php 200) and Fried Oysters (don’t know if it’s still on the menu)

During the tasting, I had this awesome Japanese surf and turf looking plate with Chicken Wings Karaage and Fried Oysters. This plate was one of the best plates of my TKB by Tanduay EATSperience! The wings were perfectly crispy and juicy while the oysters were sweet and crispy. Both had amazing written all over it in every bite!


Bara Chirashi Sushi (Php 250 for single, Php 600 for half, and Php 1000 for whole)

This was one large plate of a showstopper during the TKB preview, the Bara Chirashi by Chef Yuri!  It was my first time to try such kind of Chirashi and it’s safe to say that I enjoyed it. To be honest, I had almost 2 cups of it, hehe! It was really really good! Lots of fresh seafood and savory umami-filled ingredients on a bed of Japanese rice. Can’t beat that!


Of course, the night ended with a few of TKB by Tanduay shots! I was able to try a few and each of them is priced at Php 188. The one that stood out the most for me was the Watermelon Basil because I love the two components individually and the combination worked for me. Also, it was fun having to try the fresh off the barrel Tanduay Rhum which can only be tried at TKB by Tanduay. All in all, I had a great time at TKB by Tanduay and I believe it’s about time that Tanduay goes into the food business with this well thought and well-executed restaurant concept. If you live or work around Ayala Avenue, make sure to visit TKB by Tanduay! You will definitely have a great time!

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TKB by Tanduay

Ground Floor, PNB Makati Building, Ayala Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sat)

CLOSED on Sundays

Budget: 1000 php for two

TKB by Tanduay Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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