[Davao EATS] Pinoy Food with a Twist at Primo Pop Grill


Just before ending our summer break we had a trip to one of the cities known for tuna, sinugba and a whole lot more. While Mr. Eats is familiar with this city, it was a first for Mrs. and Baby Eats, that made it even more special. We prepared ourselves for non-stop eating and we looked forward to awesome EATSperiences. And we were lucky enough to have discovered a relatively new restaurant at the heart of Davao City. Join us as we share about [Davao EATS] Pinoy Food with a Twist at Primo Pop Grill in this special edition of EATSplorations. Ready to check out our Primo EATSperience? Keep reading!

Davao EATS at Primo Pop Grill!


Primo used to be the first sports bar in Davao City that was owned and opened by a group of friends who are into motorbikes. 4 years ago, their goal was to reach out to diners who were looking for a place to unwind and drink. Fast forward to today, they decided to make some changes and cater more to families. And when it reopened, the concept in mind was to have a pop grill. Pop grill meaning, Filipino food with a twist. Located at the heart of Davao City, across the iconic Apo View Hotel, Primo Pop Grill is ready to serve their diners an interesting take on some Filipino food classics.



We loved the play in colors, the mural, and the decors that made the whole place look homey and casual. From a sports bar to a family-friendly restaurant, Primo Pop Grill will surely give families and friends a good time while enjoying their Pinoy pop dishes!

Time to EATSperience what Primo Pop Grill has to offer!


Halo-Halong Chicha Platter (Php 180) – Chicharon Bulaklak, Pork Skin, Chicken Skin, Prawn Crackers, and Crispy Tenga with Primo Vinegar Mix

We started off with this “Putok Batok” of a platter at Primo! All the good stuff in one platter of bar chows. Everything was done perfectly but our favorites were the Pork Skin and Chicharon Bulaklak with lots of Primo Vinegar Mix. Fried food with spicy and sour goes really well together!


Tuna Tataki Lettuce Wraps (Php 340) – DIY-style, Lettuce, Sriracha, Pickled Veggies, Aioli, Teriyaki Sauce, Prawn Crackers, and Market Fresh Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki cooked to perfection with all the good stuff but it’s really all about the TUNA! The freshness of the tuna was just mind-blowing. Every condiment was just there to make the EATSperience even better. Tuna Tataki = AWESOMENESS!


Sinug Bun (Php 220) – Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh, Pinoy Kimchi, Caramelized Onion, Aioli, Lettuce, Root Crop Chips, Aioli Dip, and Pinoy BBQ Sauce

This for us is Davao in a bun! “Sinugba” means grilled in Davao. Thus, Sinug Bun or Grilled Bun. The Chicken Thigh fillet was so juicy and flavorful just how we want our Pinoy BBQ to be. If there’s a Pinoy sandwich, this should be it! Well done, Primo!


Arroz CaldoRice Porridge Base, Grilled Chicken Inasal Fillet, Soft Boiled Egg, Crispy Chicken Skin

Comforting Pinoy porridge with non-traditional toppings! We enjoyed having the rice porridge or lugaw with the smokey Grilled Chicken Inasal. The two just really complement each other oh-so-well! We truly loved this one. Great job, chefs!


Primo Batchoy (Php 220) – Japchae Noodles, Batchoy Broth, Crispy Bulaklak, Chicken Skin Chicharon, Crushed Pork Chicharon, and Ramen Egg

Our feast at Primo just kept getting better. We found the idea of using Japchae noodles for Batchoy interesting. The noodles absorbed the broth really well which made each slurp really tasty and complete with flavors.


Crispy Pata Tim (Php 700) – EXTRA LARGE Crispy Pata with Pata Tim Sauce on the side

Crispy Pata FTW! Crunchy, juicy and tender pata! We loved that the crispy pata was not greasy at all. Considering how crispy the skin was, there were no traces of shiny and glossy lips after every bite. The crispy pata itself was already big enough to keep our mouths full, and the pata tim sauce was just there to add some asian flavors. Awesome stuff right here!


Pop-Grill SpreadPig Ears, Liempo, Bulaklak, Shrimps with a selection of Pinoy Banchan and Primo Sauces

One of the highlights in our EATSperience here at Primo, the Pop-Grill spread. Skewered meat and seafood that comes with a variety of Pinoy Banchan and sauces. This special comes with unlimited servings of rice, 2 choices of DIY banchan and 2 choices of DIY sauces that has unlimited refill. Our personal grilled favorites were the liempo and shrimps, pickled vegetable and kamote qubes for the banchan, and chimichurri and garlic butter for the sauces. Definitely a must-try!



Durian Crème Brulee (Php 160) – Durian Cream Custard with Torched Sugar and Edible Durian Sand

What is visiting Davao without trying the famous and unique fruit, Durian? Well, we personally do not eat Durian. We tried but we really are not huge fans of it. The moment we tapped and broke the caramelized sugar coating (you know, how chefs on tv do it. haha.) we instantly smelled the strong aroma of the fruit, and with that, we knew that they have a rich and creamy Durian creme brulee. So if you love Durian, try this!


Turon (Php 140) – Saging na Saba with Langka Cream Cheese Puree and Ube Ice Cream on the side

This one, we loved! Even Baby Eats enjoyed herself holding the turon and dipping it in ube ice cream. Crunchy and evenly coated turon with langka cream cheese puree. And the ube ice cream made it even more irresistible to eat.


Awesome Filipino dishes with a twist at Primo Pop-Grill. Families and friends will surely enjoy their offerings. And we were glad to be able to try this out during our visit in Davao. That will definitely not be our last, as if we plan a vacation again, we will surely include Primo Pop-Grill in our Davao EATinerary. Check out our video below to see more about Primo Pop-Grill. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

Here’s our Primo Pop Grill video, enjoy!

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First Pop Grill

Pelayo Street Corner General Luna Street, Population, Davao City 8000

(082) 321 7766

Facebook / Instagram

Budget: 800 php for two


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