[The Grid Food Market] Lobster Roll and so much more at Bun Appetit


It’s probably been a couple of months already since The Grid Food Market has opened in the new wing of the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. It has easily become one of our favorite dining spots around town, well, because it’s new and also, the food selection has been great so far even though there are still some stalls that are yet to open. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about one particular stall that has a really huge following of seafood-lovers at The Grid! It’s been really famous in Salcedo Market and its owners has finally brought it inside a mall. If you are into seafood and sandwiches, you will surely love this EATSperience of ours! Get your tummies ready as we share about Lobster Roll and so much more at Bun Appetit in The Grid Food Market, enjoy!

Lobster Roll and so much more at Bun Appetit!


Bun Appetit is stall no.11 at The Grid Food Market in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. It’s home to a number of seafood rolls / sandwiches that are as fresh as they come. They also have noodles, mac and cheese, and clam chowder on the menu. When you visit The Grid, be patient as there can be a long line before you get your hands on the most sought after lobster roll of Bun Appetit.


Of course, seafood especially lobster don’t come in cheap. So, be ready to shell out more than usual because these rolls come in hot, fresh, and of course, delicious. Good thing for us, we were treated by good friends on some of the items while we purchased some of the items on our own. The rolls range from Php 395 to Php 695 plus 6% service charge for dine in transactions (same thing goes for all the stalls, because there are really reliable servers working there, okay?). They also have grilled cheese sandwiches that range from Php 350 to Php 650. Basically, Bun Appetit is your go to stall if you like premium seafood sandwiches. Got it?

Now, it’s time to EATSperience Bun Appetit’s offerings!


Garlic Noodles (Php 150)

This bowl of noodles was surprisingly good! It’s probably the simplest noodle that we’ve had but damn, it was packed with so much flavor. At Php 150, it’s the cheapest item on the menu but it’s also one of the best. So, if the budget is tight but you need something tasty and filling, you have Bun Appetit’s Garlic Noodles to lean on.


Crab Roll (Php 495) +50 with Locavore’s Aioli

Let’s keep the eats rolling with the Crab Roll with Locavore Aioli! Yes, if the roll filled with crab meat isn’t good enough, Bun Appetit serves up a Crab Roll in collaboration with Locavore to make things even better. The sweetness of the plump crab meat was perfectly complemented by the creamy and garlicky aioli. All we can is that, you gotta crab this one!


Shrimp Roll (Php 395)

Yes, it really looks that way in person! Bun Appetit’s Shrimp Roll is filled with maybe at least 25 to 30 pieces of juicy shrimp (if we estimated it correctly, hehe). The hero here is really the sweetness and the freshness of the shrimps together with the perfect buttery roll.


Shrimp Roll with Lechon Diva Labuyo Sauce (Php 395 + 50)

Buttery, garlicky, and spicy! We almost asked for garlic rice to enjoy these devilish shrimps even more. This is probably one of the best rolls / sandwiches ever. We just instantly fell in love with how the labuyo sauce just made Bun Appetit’s Shrimp Roll even more delicious. Well done, guys! We will surely be back for more.


Lobster Roll (Php 695)

We gotta be honest, we wouldn’t have probably tasted this one on our own because of its price but thanks to a good friend’s treat, we were able to try it out for free. After trying it out, we realized that it’s worth it. The Lobster Roll of Bun Appetit is worth every peso. Why? Well, as you can see, the amount of lobster flesh in the roll is not a joke. It’s really overflowing with lobster goodness. You know that Bun Appetit doesn’t skimp on lobster. Another reason is that, it tastes really really good! Nothing beats quality. You can’t seriously have a lobster roll and expect to pay less with this kind of quality.


This Bun Appetit EATSperience of ours was a collection of different times we have tried Bun Appetit’s rolls and noodles since we’ve been finding ourselves going to Power Plant Mall more often recently. It’s safe to say that Bun Appetit is the real thing when it comes to seafood rolls and garlic noodles. If we’re craving for some great-tasting seafood rolls (the rolls are also insanely amazing), we’re willing to spend a little more than usual as long as its quality stays the same. Tell us your thoughts about Bun Appetit! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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Bun Appetit

The Grid Food Market, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Sun-Thu)

11:00am to 11:00pm (Fri-Sat)

Budget: 1000 php for two

Bun Appetit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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