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Over the years, Little Baguio in San Juan City has been a great dining destination for a whole lot of foodies from all over the Metro. The neighborhood is home to several homegrown restaurants and cafes with a wide variety of cuisines to offer. In one of our recent EATSperiences, we discovered a very interesting cafe that was inspired by a museum right next to it. Museo Sanso is an art museum put up for the well-known Spanish artist who is Filipino by heart, Juvenal Sanso. Hence the cafe was named after the him. Join us as we share about our one of a kind EATSperience at Cafe Sanso in Little Baguio, San Juan. Enjoy!

Cafe Sanso in Little Baguio, San Juan



Tucked in a residential area, both Museo Sanso and Cafe Sanso are located in V. Cruz Street in San Juan City. The place is quiet and quite serene if there is no traffic jam.


Cafe Sanso’s interior is very much pleasing to the eyes. The place is well-lit, colorful, and thoughtfully designed.


Juvenal Sanso’s works are also displayed on the various walls of the restaurant, entertaining guests while they devour the restaurant’s tasty Spanish dishes. If we remember it correctly, the works of art inside the restaurant are all for sale.


Cafe Sanso is probably good for 30-40 diners inside and around 10-15 outside. The place is very intimate and quiet, something different from most of the restaurants around the area.


From the cafe, diners can already get a glimpse of what’s inside Museo Sanso. Of course, we took the chance to visit the museum after eating.


The little one enjoyed the complimentary bread so much that she even asked for seconds.

Time to EATSperience what Cafe Sanso has to offer!

Smoked Salmon Triangles
Php 295

Smoked salmon and cream cheese wrapped in spring roll paper, served with yogurt aioli. Something crunchy and creamy for starters is definitely a dish that’s worth having. We loved that it was pretty tasty and it was not greasy at all. However, it needed a bit more smoked salmon to complete the EATSperience.

Butcher’s Steak
Php 575

180g sous-vide US hanger steak with chimichurri, fried oyster mushrooms, and roasted marble potatoes. Despite the steak being almost well done (we should have told the server about the doneness of the steak), it was still pretty tender and tasty. The chimichurri was on point. The sides were cooked beautifully. All in all, a really good plate of steak.

Tomahawk Chop
Php 495

A huge piece of pork chop with french beans, jambalaya rice, onion rings, and garlic gravy. This beautiful piece of pork chop was definitely cooked to perfection. It was super moist and tender! We didn’t really need to use the knife so much. Whoever cooked this pork chop deserves a raise! You got to try this!

Chorizo y Quezo
Php 555

Homemade chorizo, paella rice, with mozzarella and feta cheese. This paella is heavenly. Every bit of this was extremely cheesy, meaty, and DELICIOUS! For 555 pesos, this extremely tasty paella can probably make around 5-6 people leave Cafe Sanso with happy tummies. We will surely be back for this!


After eating we went to Museo Sanso…


Museo Sanso is located just beside Cafe Sanso. It is where the works of art of Juvenal Sanso and other artists are on display. After a feast at the cafe, take a look around the museum, relax, and appreciate art right here.


We had an interesting EATSperience at Cafe Sanso. The food was great and the stories behind the artist and his works was equally awesome. San Juan City never fails to surprise us with good restaurant finds, and this particular find was made even more special because we were able to learn about Sanso and his works of art. After a sumptuous meal at the cafe, we feasted our eyes in the gallery. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! If this EATSperience of ours caught your attention, make sure to visit San Juan City, dine and unwind at Cafe Sanso, and marvel at the creations in Museo Sanso. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Cafe Sanso

32 V. Cruz Street, Greater San Juan, San Juan City

+632 275 2200

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1200 php for two

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