Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea – Writer’s Bar, Raffles Makati


Coffee or tea? Well, in one of our recent EATSperiences, it’s TEA. Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea to be more exact. We rarely have time for relaxing afternoons because of our busy schedules. Good thing for us , just recently, we were able to find time to EATSperience a one of a kind afternoon tea at the Writer’s Bar in Raffles Makati. In this edition of EATSplorations, we learned a lot about the history of tea and the tea culture that Russians have. Join us as we share with you our Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea at Writer’s Bar, Raffles Makati. Enjoy!

Writer’s Bar at Raffles Makati




Located at the sophisticated and classy Writer’s Bar in Raffles Makati, this Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea may be enjoyed by tea enthusiasts. The Imperial Afternoon Tea is available now until April 30, 2018. It features a three-tier assembly of Russian-inspired savory and sweet bite-sized delights, delicately prepared by the hotel’s master chefs. Indulge in this delectable collection at PHP 1,150 for two, which can be enjoyed daily from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m at the Writer’s Bar.

Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea




Tea aficionado, Ms.Sheryl Ebon, a certified Tea Sommelier and founder of  local tea brand, Teavolution Manila, introduced us to the history of tea and how it evolved through the years. The discussion involved how tea was discovered, how it was traded and the practices being done in different countries. And the highlight of the Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea, is the Russian Caravan Black Tea blend. From preparing the tea, down to drinking it, we learned why it was named Russian Caravan Black Tea blend and how Russians drink their tea.

Russian-inspired Sweet and Savory Delights


Zefir Strawberry Tart, Faberge Egg Sugar Cookies, Honey & Roasted Apple Macaron, and Pitchye Moloko
Chocolate Korolevsky or King’s Cake

The elements of the Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea Menu is a combination of sweet and savory light treats. The menu is composed of Zefir Starwberry Tart (sliced and whipped Strawberry puree in gelatin tart). Faberge Egg Sugar Cookies (sugar cookies that look like the jeweled Faberge eggs). Honey and Roasted Apple Macaron (special French Macaron made with apples). Pitchye Moloko or literally “bird’s milk” (soft chocolate covered candy made from chewy meringue or milk souffle). And our favorite in this set, the Chocolate Korolevsky or King’s cake, layers of chocolate traditionally made in the Imperial cities in Russia. Rich, smooth and really creamy chocolate cake.

Russian Tea Cake and Cranberry and Orange Scones with Strawberry Jam, Clotted Cream, and Lemon Curd

The second tier is composed of the Russian Tea Cake also known as Russian tea cookies (flour cookies with butter and powdered sugar), Cranberry and Orange Scones complemented perfectly by strawberry jam, clotted cream, and lemon curd. The lemon curd together with both scones was truly magical. Subtle sweetness, just the way we like it.

Pickled Herring Blinis, Pirozhki with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Capelin Fish Roe with Cream Cheese

The third tier is composed of Russian pancakes, Pirohzki or a small pie that’s usually stuffed then baked or fried with a variety of fillings, Cream Cheese tart with fish roe and boiled egg, and the Kanapki, an open sandwich topped with smoked salmon, sour cream and many more. Our favorite in this tier was the Kanapki because of the lovely smoked salmon that made this afternoon tea EATsperience memorable.

Tea time seats from Wedgwood

Apart from EATSperiencing and learning about the history and taste of tea, we were also treated to a wonderful showcase of high quality tea sets from Wedgwood. Everything we saw was just unique and lovely. The price range is more on the higher side of things but if you truly love your tea and would like to EATSperience it in an authentic way, make sure to check out Wedgwood’s amazing line of tea cups, saucers, and different sets.


There’s always something new to learn every single day and this EATSperience at the Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea at the Writer’s Bar in Raffles Makati is truly one of those days. It was indeed an afternoon of fun-filled learning, tasty treats, and a one of a kind tea blend. The Russian Caravan Blend was indeed a beautiful blend of smoky and malty flavors. It was good on its own and even better with a little bit of strawberry jam. Thanks to Raffles Makati for this memorable EATSperience! If you are planning to have a relaxing afternoon tea, make sure to check out this limited-time only Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea, you will surely love it. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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Russian Imperial Afternoon Tea – Writer’s Bar

Raffles Hotel, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati City

+632 555 9888

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