Weekend All-You-Can-Eat at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant


Just before we said goodbye to our eventful EATStaycation at Hotel Jen Manila, we just had to check out their Japanese restaurant and have another feast. As you may have already read for several times now, we love Japanese food so much and we would always have it in our top three go to cuisines whenever we eat out. Good thing, Hotel Jen Manila has a very reputable Japanese restaurant in Kitsho and we were really excited to try it out for the very first time. Who can say no to UNLIMITED sashimi, sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, and teppanyaki, right? Well, if you want to EATSperience Hotel Jen Manila’s Weekend All-You-Can-Eat at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant, keep reading because you will surely love it!

Kitsho Japanese restaurant in Hotel Jen Manila


Located at the ground floor of Hotel Jen Manila, Kitsho Japanese restaurant has a very calming and inviting ambiance, perfect for a Japanese restaurant. With dining areas that are divided into 3 types. The main dining area, smoking-dining area and the private rooms for a more intimate dining EATSperience.

Weekend All-You-Can-Eat at Kitsho!


Since it was a weekend and we love all-you-can-eat meals, we tried out their a la carte buffet offering. For only Php 1,352 nett for lunch and Php 1,536 nett for dinner, diners can already enjoy unlimited appetizers, salad, sushi, and sashimi together with Kitsho’s a la carte buffet menu that has around 30 plus dishes for you to EATSperience. Talk about having a happy tummy, right?!


Upon receiving the menu, we knew that we were in for some really good fresh meat and seafood. Of course we had to get fresh sashimi right away, then we ordered their cooked dishes. Japanese fried rice, Teppanyaki grilled seafood and meat, Sukiyaki soup and a second serving of the dishes that we really loved!

Shrimp Teppan

Plump and juicy shrimps cooked in a sweet sauce. We loved that it was not overcooked, and everything was tasty, from shell to flesh.

Shrimp Tempura

Perfectly crispy and juicy shrimp tempura! The batter was not thick, enough to cover the shrimps. Every bite had layers of crispy and tender texture.

Salmon Teppan

One of our favorites in this EATSperience! Melt-in-your-mouth salmon with naturally sweet flavors from the fish itself and from the sauce. We definitely had another serving of this!

Oyster Fry

The tonkatsu sauce worked really well with the Oyster fry. However, we found the batter too thick. Good thing, the oyster was still sweet and big enough for it not to get overpowered by the thick batter.

Assorted Sushi

Assorted sushi can be found in the buffet table. They have a good selection of sushi and sashimi staples which we really enjoyed. A good start to a mouthwatering feast.


Since Baby Eats and Mrs.Eats are huge fans of fried rice, we definitely ordered Kitsho’s Chahan. Flavorful fried rice filled with vegetables and meat. Baby Eats managed to finish a whole cup of this, and even asked for more. It was that good!


We liked that Kitsho’s Gyoza has a generous amount of filling and pan-fried really well. The juiciness from the meat was really tasty and the wrapper was smooth and thin enough to hold the filling.

Beef Sukiyaki

Another favorite in this feast! The soup has a good balance of sweet and salty flavors with tender beef slices and assorted vegetables. Perfect to wash down the flavors from the teppan dishes.

Chicken Teriyaki

Thin slices of chicken drenched in a sweet teriyaki sauce. We liked that the skin was slightly crispy. A good pair to eat with the Chahan.


Ending our eventful staycation at Hotel Jen Manila with a feast at Kitsho made our stay really memorable. A Japanese restaurant that serves great Japanese food at a friendly price is something worth visiting for an awesome dining EATSperience. Whenever we crave for Japanese food, we know that Kitsho will always be in our list to satisfy our Japanese food craving. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Hotel Jen Manila

3001 Roxas Blvd, Pasay City, Manila, Metro Manila

+632 795 8888

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