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Nowadays, life has become so fast-paced that we rarely get to enjoy what we’re doing. We take quick breaks, short vacations, prepare quick meals, eat fast food, and many more. A lot of our activities now are just too fast and we simply love anything instant. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will share with you about Abuela’s in Legaspi Village, Makati, a restaurant where slow-cooked heirloom recipes with a twist are not a thing of the past. At Abuela’s, their Chef Marco Legasto is trying to reintroduce the cooking methods of the past and adds a little twist from the present to create great-tasting dishes at Abuela’s. Join us as we EATSperience Abuela’s one of a kind Filipino dishes for the whole family, enjoy!


Abuela’s is located inside Sommerset Millenium along Aguirre Street in Legaspi Village, Makati. As you enter the building and go to your right, head upstairs, and you will find this homey restaurant with touches of brown, black and white that serves up heirloom recipes passed from older generations that are modified with a modern touch to create fantastic dishes.





Let’s EATSperience Abuela’s!

Abuela’s Roast Beef (serving size may differ from the photo)
(US Angus Beef marinated in wine, spices, and herbs)
Php 3,800
Love the fat and meat content on this one! It was just perfect in making sure that every bite was juicy and tender at the same time. Make sure to order this at least 3 hours before your visit to Abuela’s to prevent any disappointment.

Kare Kare Risotto
(Lola’s kare kare infused into risotto rice)
Php 460
Now this one is definitely a combination of old and new. We love our rice bathed in heaps of sauce when we eat kare kare that’s why we really enjoyed this creation by Abuela’s. Grandmother’s creamy and rich kare kare recipe with a little modern twist because of the risotto worked perfectly. Well done, Abuela’s!

Bagnet with Thai Sauce
(Ilocos bagnet served with traditional kaffir kime sauce)
Php 290
Great crunch on the skin and the meat was just right. We loved this one more without the sauce because we found the sauce a tad too tangy. Thus, the flavor of the sauce became more of the star in this dish rather than the crispy and juicy bagnet.

Bone Marrow Rice
(bone marrow cooked with brown rice and sauteed with wild mushroom)
Php 480
Great job on this one of a kind rice dish! The combination of healthy and sinful that worked really well. We enjoyed how prominent the taste of the bone marrow was and how it complemented the fragrant and earthy wild mushroom and brown rice.

Wild Mushroom and Foie Gras Lapu-Lapu
(grouper topped with wild mushroom and sauteed with foie gras)
Php 520
We enjoyed the different layers of texture and flavors present in this dish. The wild mushroom foie gras combo was such a delight to have while the seared Lapu-Lapu was super tasty and had the sweetness of the sea.

Abuela’s Pochero
(chicken, pork, beef stewed in chorizo stock served with tomato garlic concasse)
Php 510
The smokey chorizo stock was the difference maker in this classic dish. We enjoyed the different kinds of meat but what stood out was the chorizo infused stock. The touch of tomato in the end gave the pochero its much-needed flavor contrast.

Abuela’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake
Php 250
Rum Cake
Php 150
Both cakes were pretty good but the moist Rum Cake edged out the Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake. We would normally fall in love with moist and bittersweet chocolate cake but Abuela’s was a bit dry and crumbly when we tried that’s why the moist butter cake with a splash of rum won our hearts more.


We didn’t expect that we would find a gem in Legaspi Village through Abuela’s, but we did. We had a great time appreciating what made their family recipes last for so long. Also, the addition of modern twists was great in adding a different kind of personality to the already beloved dishes. Hopefully, the younger generation will get to appreciate restaurants like Abuela’s more. Restaurants that prioritize the process when it comes to producing great-tasting dishes. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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Second Floor, Somerset Millenium Makati, 104 Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

+632 805 2713

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

6:00am to 10:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 1000 php for two

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