En Tirage – Mandala Park, Mandaluyong


It’s rare for us to go out after work because of a few considerations. Depleted energy level, the traffic that we will be facing if we decide to go out and of course our foremost reason is, to go home right away and spend time with our baby. But there are instances when all considerations allow us to try out something new. It was on a Saturday when we had to work half day which meant there was still energy to go out, the traffic was not bad and the little one was with us. Perfect, isn’t? Well, another good thing also was, we visited a new place that was just close to our workplace. So… Yehey for that! Join us as we EATSperience En Tirage, in this edition of EATSplorations!





It is located inside Mandala Park along Shaw Boulevard. As we made our way to En Tirage, the vibe that it gave us was it can be a good place for de-stressing after work, a place where people can simply eat and drink. And just enjoy the night away. However, we went there lunch time so the area was not as lively as to how it probably is at night.




Yes, you read that right! En Tirage has UNLIMITED local and imported beer, whisky, and WINE! Talk about an after work treat, right? However, since we haven’t been into drinking for the longest time, we decided to skip the unlimited alcoholic beverages and head straight down to EATING. You might want to try it for us? Don’t forget to tell us about your EATSperience, okay?


Pumpkin Soup
Php 195

Pumpkin soup for Baby Eats and of course for Mr. and Mrs. Eats too, since its size is big enough for the little one. It was creamy and the thickness of it was just right. The pumpkin flavor was really strong that it gave a lot of that natural sweetness from the pumpkin. Baby Eats indeed enjoyed every spoonful!

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings
Php 285

Super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! What’s so impressive about this chicken wing dish is that it was not greasy at all. The lemon pepper seasoning was light and just right. This would be a great match for En Tirage’s unlimited beer!

Glazed Baby Back Ribs
Php 290

One thing that we always look for when eating baby back ribs is the tenderness of the meat. En Tirage’s glazed baby back ribs did not disappoint. The meat was tender and juicy. The glaze was good but a little less seasoning could make it even better.

Margherita and Feta Pizza
Php 450

We were surprised with their version of margherita and feta pizza. We were so used to fresh basil and tomatoes as toppings. The one that made this different among the margherita pizzas that we have tried was the pesto sauce that they used instead of basil. It added more flavor and texture and we really enjoyed that surprise ingredient.

Truffle Mushroom Pasta
Php 345

Aside from the delicious margherita pizza, their truffle mushroom pasta was also our favorite. The earthy flavor from the mushrooms blended well with the aromatic truffle. It was creamy and the pasta absorbed the sauce really well. Well done En Tirage!


Even if we did not try their unlimited wine, we had a good time savoring their tasty dishes. The heat during that afternoon made us really hungry and En Tirage made our tummies really full. Dining here at lunch would be good for those who just want to have a good meal. Come evening, it would be good for those who would like to have a few drinks to go with their good food. But if you can drink as early as lunch time then start early and avail their unlimited wine promotion and enjoy their hearty dishes as well. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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En Tirage

Unit 6, Building C, Mandala Park, 312 Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City

+632 246 9069 ext: 164

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

10:00am to 1:00am (Mon-Thu)

10:00am to 2:00am (Fri-Sat)

5:00pm to 1:00am (Sun)

Budget: 1000-1500 php for two

En Tirage Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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