[NEW] Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burgers


One of our all-time favorite snack and comfort food is BURGERS! Burgers that have a juicy and a tasty patty. Burgers that have a bun that is soft and buttery. Just by thinking of it, we were reminded by our recent burger EATSperience at Tokyo Tokyo. Wait.. What? Did we just mention burger EATSperience at Tokyo Tokyo? Yes, beginning March 20, 2017, this fast food chain that’s popularly known for serving up delicious Japanese food finally has their very own line of burgers. Wagyu Burgers to be exact. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you our mouthwatering EATSperience of Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Burgers!

Say hello to Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Burgers!


Tokyo Tokyo’s trio of Wagyu Burgers! Yup, there are 3 NEW Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Burgers to choose from. The Wagyu Cheeseburger, The Rising Sun Burger, and The Double Cheeseburger. Before we EATSperience the Wagyu Burgers one by one, let us tell you first what makes each one of them special. Number 1, the 1/4 pound patty is made from 100% locally raised Wagyu Beef. Number 2, the special brioche bun was made only for this burger at Tokyo Tokyo. It’s soft, buttery, and tasty. And number 3, the special sauce is spicy, creamy, and is surely something that everyone will love. Now, it’s time to take a bite from Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Burgers!

Wagyu Cheeseburger
(100% locally-raised Wagyu patty with lettuce, cheese, and special sauce sandwiched in a brioche bun)
Php 160 ala carte

The brioche bun was fluffy, soft and buttery. The Wagyu patty was tender and really meaty. And the special sauce gave that much needed kick to complete a juicy burger EATSperience.

Double Cheeseburger
(2pcs of 100% locally-raised Wagyu patty, lettuce, cheese, and special sauce sandwiched in a brioche bun)
Php 235 ala carte

Double cheese slices, double Wagyu patty, double the mouthwatering EATSperience. This Double Cheeseburger can really fill-up a hungry tummy. If you are a big burger eater, this is a must-try!

Rising Sun Burger
(100% locally-raised Wagyu patty with sunny side up egg, onion rings, cheese, and special sauce sandwiched in a brioche bun)
Php 175 ala carte

This was our personal favorite among the 3 burgers. The crunch from the onion rings, the creaminess from the sunny side up egg and cheese, and the sweet and spicy sauce gave us a delectable burger EATSperience. All these did not overpower the star—the Wagyu patty. Symphony of flavors and textures. Well done, Tokyo Tokyo!


This juicy and meaty EATSperience will definitely have us coming back for more when we crave for a good yet affordable burger. If you are up for a great-tasting and value-for-money Wagyu burger, visit your nearest Tokyo Tokyo outlet (beginning March 20, 2017) and let your tummies have a feast! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till our next EATSperience!

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