Get Cheesy with La Petite Fromagerie


Nothing gets cheesier than being invited to a cheese tasting. A couple of weeks back, we EATSperienced trying different cheeses and a whole lot more at La Petite Fromagerie’s official launching at the Hidalgo Place in Rockwell. La Petite Fromagerie offers different catering packages that feature cheese as the hero. The packages can be easily customized according to your need and preference. It’s perfect for birthdays, weddings and other special gatherings for your family and friends. To have a better glimpse of what La Petite Fromagerie has to offer—read on as we share with you our very cheesy EATSperience.


La Petite Fromagerie literally means “The Small Cheese Factory.” It makes so much sense because it’s already a one-stop shop for everything you need and more when you host parties and gatherings.

Cheese Platter


Did we say everything and more? This cheese platter says it all. With biscuits, crackers, nuts and assorted dried fruits, you can truly enjoy cheese at its finest.




Pick and choose from assortment of crackers, crostinis, bread sticks, cornichons, almonds, walnuts, pickled pearl onions, marbled potatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, and arugula. So many things to choose from and so many things to eat your raclette cheese with!



Aside from the raclette, you can also enjoy La Petite Fromagerie’s selection of specialty cheese bites like Black Truffle Cheese Spread, Bite-sized Malakoff, and Cacio e Pepe Fritelle (deep-fried cheese fritters coated with parmesan and fresh ground pepper).

CHEESE and MEAT? Yes, please!



Look at that cheese go down! The beef and cheese combo was a sure fire hit. You can ask them about combining your cheese buffet with The Plaza Catering and Swizzle Mobile Bar for one complete EATSperience. Imagine a party with free flow cheese, food, and drinks!


Ham and pandesal for the win! We had to go back for seconds and even thirds so that we can truly enjoy this awesome combination. Make sure you try the different sauces to make your hamdesal EATSperience more unique. We loved the classic glaze and garlic sauces! Both complemented the already tasty ham perfectly and made it even tastier.


Even Baby Eats had a blast chowing down the cheese sticks crafted by La Petite Fromagerie’s very own Karla Reyes. Our baby had at least two sticks of it and she still wanted some more!

Baby Eats with Ms. Karla Reyes


We had a great time at La Petite Fromagerie’s launch! It was definitely one cheesy EATSperience. Thank you, Karla and to all the people behind La Petite Fromagerie! Congratulations and we wish you all the best! May you conquer all the events in Manila, one cheese buffet at a time. For future events and parties, make sure you check out La Petite Fromagerie’s packages and have an extremely cheesy time!

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La Petite Fromagerie

+63917 791 2865


Facebook / Instagram

Budget: 275 to 375 php per head

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