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We are finally on our third and final stop for Food Hop 2017 food crawl with Zomato and The Grove by Rockwell. First, we shared our filling all-day breakfast EATSperience at Pi Breakfast and Pies. Then, we stuffed ourselves with Indian cuisine at Om Indian Kitchen. Now, we will be sharing our BurgerPub EATSperience. We don’t want to state the obvious but yes, BurgerPub prides itself of thick and tasty burgers paired up with with all sorts of beers from different countries including the Philippines. So if you love burgers and beers, this place is perfect for you! We love burgers so much and are still in search for great-tasting burgers around Manila. Hopefully, this EATSperience will give us another option when it comes to satisfying our random burger cravings. Come and join us as we EATSperience BurgerPub at The Grove in this edition of EATSplorations!


Sorry guys! We don’t have any photos of BurgerPub’s interior. Not that it wasn’t blog-worthy or anything, we totally forgot. Sorry! 😀 Nothing to be worried about though, BurgerPub is perfect for that after work dinner and drinks. People who live in The Grove must be really happy to come home to a place like this. Never ending supply of burgers, beers, and cocktails. However, as you know, we bring our baby with us all the time and since it’s a pub, the place is not that child-friendly. Especially during night time where diners would enjoy having a beer to go with their burgers.

Pub Sausage
(Burgerpub’s very own house-blend sausage)

This one was pretty good! No ketchup and mayo needed. It had the snap that we always look for when we eat hotdogs and sausages. We also loved how it was seasoned. Just the right blend of spices without being too salty. While waiting for your burgers, make sure to try this one first to have an appetizing starter at BurgerPub.

Clair Frances
(fettuccine with butter, parmesan cheese, bacon, and homemade ricotta cheese)
Php 340

At first, we were excited to try this pasta dish because of the generous amount of bacon on top of it. But when we got our first taste out of it, we were surprised how good and saucy it was. Great flavors from the sauce with some spice in it at the end. It was pretty cheesy too! We would gladly order this again when we drop by BurgerPub in the near future.

(blue cheese burger)
Php 345

We love cheeseburgers but we don’t usually choose blue cheese if we can because it tends to overpower the beefiness of the patty. Our hesitation turned into fascination when we took our first bite out of Bleu because it worked. It worked really well. BurgerPub’s burger patty was able to hold its own and was complemented perfectly by the bold blue cheese flavors. 

Bastard Burger
(with onion rings and bastard sauce)
Php 350

The addition of onion rings alone was enough to make us love this burger. It added more bite and crunch that the burger needed to have some uniqueness in flavor and texture-wise. We wish it had more bastard sauce though, to have a bit more of a kick and to make up for the cook on the burger.

Pub Original
(with BurgerPub’s original sauce with caramelized onion, and sharp cheddar cheese)
Php 345

In this EATSperience, the Pub Original came out as a heavy favorite. It was really cheesy and saucy at the same time! Thanks to the sharp cheddar cheese and original sauce. It may look like the usual cheeseburger but it’s not. The patty was cooked just right and was made even tastier by the sauce, cheese, and caramelized onions. Well done, BurgerPub!

BurgerPub has given us another option when it comes to tasty burgers at a pretty reasonable price. We had a great time sampling on their simple yet delicious food. Maybe next time, we can try out their drinks when it’s date night. Our Food Hop 2017 EATSperience unfortunately has come to an end, but we are glad that we were able to try something new in a place where there are plenty of dining options. Thank you once again to our friends from Zomato and The Grove by Rockwell for organizing Food Hop 2017! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Let’s EAT again soon!

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Unit 101, The Grove By Rockwell, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

+632 546 6864

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 11:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Budget: 500-1000 php for two

BurgerPub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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