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Hello everyone! Things just get busier and busier as the most wonderful time of the year approaches. We are excited to share with you one of our recent EATSperiences that happened a couple of weeks back. It was a great first-time EATSperience in Manila for us too. Anyways, in this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you our Afternoon Tea EATSperience at the Connect Lounge of Marco Polo Manila in the bustling business district of Ortigas. A friend of ours, Pepe Samson, invited us to join him for afternoon tea and we were glad we did. We weren’t only able to chat and catch-up, but we were able to EATSperience a beautiful view of the city while enjoying some tasty treats and of course some tea. Keep going so you can see what we had in this one of a kind EATSperience, enjoy!





Connect Lounge is located at the 24th floor of Marco Polo Manila. As you can see from the photo above, you can EATSperience their afternoon tea from 2pm to 6pm. At the Connect Lounge, you may enjoy a majestic view of the city, treats, and tea or coffee for just Php 788 for two (inclusive of VAT, Service Charge and all applicable Local and Government Taxes). How about that for a complete afternoon tea EATSperience?

Now, let’s take a look at what you’ll be having when you try this awesome value for money afternoon tea!

For Php 788 for two persons, you get to EATSperience an afternoon tea with—a tower of treats and more. As it consists of the following: Amuse Bouche Sherbet, Baguettes with Toppings, English Scones, Chocolate Fondant, Pastries of the Day, and Tea or Brewed Coffee.


Amuse Bouche Sherbet of the Day

Mango and Watermelon Sherbet

[Mr. Eats] What a refreshing start to a lovely EATSperience! Both had a great balance of sweetness and tartness. However, I enjoyed the watermelon more because I simply loved its natural flavor and sweetness.

[Mrs. Eats] Sherbet always gives me that cool and refreshing feeling. Just what I needed after a day at work. The mango and watermelon sherbet had their own natural sweetness to it which I really enjoyed. The plating made it more interesting.

Baguettes with Toppings

Step 1: Choose 4 out of the 5 freshly-made baguettes

Corn, Parsley, Squid Ink, Tomato and Regular Baguette

Step 2: Choose the toppings (dressings, cheese, veggies, and cold cuts)





[Mr. Eats] These topped baguettes were surprisingly filling! I loved the Smoked Salmon on top of the Squid Ink Baguette and the Parma Ham on top of the Parsley Baguette. The saltiness from both toppings gave more character and flavor to the crisp baguettes.

[Mrs. Eats] The different colored and flavored baguettes really caught my attention. The colors made it interesting. And as I started eating it with the different toppings, my hungry tummy started becoming satisfied and full. My favorite was the smoked salmon topped on the squid ink baguette. The crispy baguette gave a crunch that complemented the tender salmon. 

English Scones


[Mr. Eats] I would have loved the scones if they didn’t have raisins. Well, putting the raisins aside, I loved how crumbly and dense it was without being too heavy. My scone EATSperience was made better by the jam which was sweet and tangy at the same time. It did the job in making me forget about my food nemesis—raisins.

[Mrs. Eats] A classic afternoon tea delight. Scones will always make an afternoon tea complete. We had scones that were crumbly and light which I enjoyed. And as I added cream and jam to each bite, it made it more flavorful.

Pastries of the Day

Cream Puff, Raspberry Mousse, Tres Cremas (chocolate cake with caramel), Pistachio Cake, and Sausage Roll

[Mr. Eats] Out of the 5 pastries on this plate, I enjoyed the Tres Cremas and Cream Puff the most. The Tres Cremas was creamy, sweet and fluffy. While the Cream Puff was rich and it had the right ratio of pastry and cream. I would easily go back to Connect Lounge just for these two.

[Mrs. Eats] The sausage roll and the Tres Cremas were my favorite. The sausage had that snappy bite that I was looking for. As for the Tres Cremas, it had the right amount of sweetness to it, and the cream gave me that smooth texture that made me enjoy every spoonful.

Chocolate Fondant


[Mr. Eats] This was the perfect ending to my Afternoon Tea at the Connect Lounge! I am in love with anything chocolate and this one just made it to at least my top 5 of all time favorites. Every spoonful was filled with the richness of chocolate. The vanilla sauce made this even better by making it smoother and more flavorful.

[Mrs. Eats] I ended my afternoon tea on the right note. The Chocolate Souffle awakened my chocolate-lover self. Ask my husband, I finished two cups of this. It was that good for me! For my first cup, I poured the chocolate sauce and for my second cup I poured the vanilla sauce. The warm chocolate souffle was smooth, rich and creamy. Adding sauce to it made it even better. Between the two sauces, although both were good, my favorite was the vanilla. Because it complemented the chocolate souffle really well. I definitely would love to have this again.


We truly had a great time EATSperiencing the Afternoon Tea at the Connect Lounge of Marco Polo Manila. The view was breathtaking, the food was awesome, and the service was impeccable. Everything we EATSperienced was great considering it was just for Php 788 all-in. The Afternoon Tea EATSperience is perfect for couples, friends and even casual meetings. If you will be around Ortigas anytime soon, try booking a table at the Connect Lounge to EATSperience this right away. You will surely love it. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

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Connect Lounge – Marco Polo Manila

Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street,  Ortigas Centre, Pasig City

+632 720 7720

Book a table:

WebsiteFacebook / Instagram / Twitter

Afternoon Tea Hours:

2pm to 6pm (Mon-Sun)

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