NEW Spicy McNuggets and the return of the McDo Shakes


Hot off the kitchens of McDonald’s Philippines are two exciting menu items that will surely make everyone feel better during these difficult times. Everyone, please say hello to the NEW Spicy McNuggets and the return of the McDo Shakes! We haven’t posted in almost two months but it’s just so hard not to share McDonald’s awesome menu news! This Hot and Cold combination will surely excite your palates and make you crave some more after. Keep on reading to find out more about McDo Philippines’ newest menu items, enjoy!

NEW Spicy McNuggets and the return of the McDo Milkshakes!


Yes, the McDo Milkshakes are BACK! Priced at Php 69 each, the McDo Strawberry and McDo Chocolate Shakes are back to cool us down in this seemingly neverending dry season that we’re experiencing. Also, it is THE PERFECT PARTNER to the Spicy McNuggets which we will be talking more about later.


Here they are, the Spicy McNuggets! Who knew that we will all be needing a McNuggets upgrade, right?! We were pleasantly surprised with these babies. Is it spicy? At first, it wasn’t but after a few pieces, man, things got hotter! And you know what? It got even hotter when we dipped it in the BBQ and Sweet and Sour sauces. Strangely, it works, BIG TIME!


The Spicy McNuggets are priced at Php 120 for 6 pieces and Php 169 in a combo with the McDo Shake of your choice!


Hurry, what are you waiting for?! Order up! The Spicy McNuggets and McDo Shakes are available in all McDo outlets nationwide through dine-in, drive-thru, and McDelivery. It is also available via third party delivery apps! Check it out right away and don’t forget to tell us about it, hehe! Enjoy!!! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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