[NEW] Tapa King Fried Chicken – Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier


Tapa King has something NEW for all of us! Yes, the famous Filipino comfort food chain is not just all about Tapa and Pinoy breakfast food anymore. Now, they have their very own Tapa King Fried Chicken – Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier! In this edition of EATSplorations, I will be sharing about Tapa King’s NEW Fried Chicken that will surely blow your minds away. Believe me. Recently, I went to their Fisher Mall branch to see one of their new concept store and to try out their Fried Chicken. At first, it was hard to believe that it would be Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier. Why? Well, there are a lot of restaurants known for their fried chicken. Keep on reading to find out more about my thoughts about Philippines’ NEWEST Fried Chicken, Tapa King’s Fried Chicken!

Tapa King Fried Chicken – Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier!


Yes, my hungry tummy has brought me all the way to Quezon City’s Fisher Mall just to try out the NEW Tapa King Fried Chicken! Was it worth it? Let’s see!


This branch really looks better and cooler than most Tapa King stores that I have seen all these years. Why? Well, the famous Filipino breakfast place has decided to make some changes with how their stores should look like. In the coming months and years, expect some changes in your friendly neighborhood Tapa King!


New look of Tapa King! Ganda ‘di ba?


Didn’t know they sell all these favorite Pinoy condiments until now! What’s your favorite out of the three? Mine is the Chili Garlic!


This is what I came here for and this is why you have come this far in this EATSperience of mine, hehe! Tapa King Fried Chicken! Who would have thought that they’d be selling fried chicken that has great potential, right?! Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier nga ba talaga? Let’s try it out!


I couldn’t wait any longer! This phrase that they have in their takeout box made me more excited, “Lutong bahay, kaing bahay!” Nothing beats homecooked meals and if this tastes and feels like home, then this would be the next big Fried Chicken thing in the Philippines!


Sneak peek muna, hehe! Does it look Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier to you already???


Tapa King Fried Chicken (Php 79 for 1pc with rice, Php 149 for 2pcs with rice, Php 440 for 6pcs, and Php 470 for 6pcs with 6 rice)


Honestly, it really looks Bigger than other fast food fried chicken! I mean just look at how much space in the plate these two pieces of Tapa King Fried Chicken are taking up. It’s definitely BIGGER!


Is it Juicier? I couldn’t believe how juicy Tapa King’s Fried Chicken was after my first bite! I took another one right away just to check again and yes, it is indeed extremely juicy and way Juicier than other fast food fried chicken that I have tried!


Lastly, is it really Crispier? 100%, yes!!! Tapa King’s Fried Chicken is probably the crispiest fried chicken out there right now. No joke. This fried chicken of Tapa King really packs a lot of crunch! Awesome job, Tapa King!


I know you guys go to Tapa King for their famous line of amazing and tasty Tapa but it won’t hurt to try out their NEW Fried Chicken. It’s more affordable, Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier than your favorite fried chicken right now. Did I really like it? 100%, yes!!! I would recommend this to you guys without having any second thoughts. It’s definitely worth every peso and calorie. The NEW Tapa King Fried Chicken, #MayNanaloNA! Try it out, now!

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Tapa King

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