Everyday Foods for Busy People by Mister Delicious


As the old saying goes, “Time is Gold.” Yes, it truly is, especially in this day and age where commuting to different places takes up so much of our time. So much time wasted on the road and when we get home, we rarely have time to cook something proper for ourselves and our loved ones. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about a really quick and easy online food delivery service that features gourmet recipes for people who have very little time to prepare. We will be sharing our own EATSperience of the Everyday Foods for Busy People by Mister Delicious! You have probably heard of and tried Mister Delicious’ bacon and pastrami before, right? Well, they still make those bestselling items but to make things more complete, they have also developed a platoon of gourmet dishes! Gourmet dishes that are ready to eat within just 10 minutes. Yes, you read that right, 10 minutes! Make sure to keep on reading to find out more about Mister Delicious’ Everyday Foods, enjoy!

Everyday Foods for Busy People by Mister Delicious!


Say hello to the Launch Lab of Mister Delicious! This is the place wherein they create and test their gourmet recipes. Also, they use this space for intimate events such as the one we’ve attended a few weeks back.


The kitchen! Of course, you guys know what happens in there, right?


The dining area! The setup was lovely and pretty inviting. We were greeted by our hosts right away, Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy and Jen Slagle of Mister Delicious. It was our first time to meet them, we’ve heard so many good things about them and their food, and we were just really excited about trying out their Everyday Foods line.


Mr. Jeremy Slagle, the man behind Mister Delicious, talked to us about what Everyday Foods for Busy People was all about. It felt good to know that it was not just us, but there are also a great number of people who are having a hard time preparing and cooking good food, and that’s why they came up with Mister Delicious’ “Everyday Foods for Busy People.”


6 easy steps to enjoying your Mister Delicious dish! 1.) Take the package out. 2.) Boil for 10 minutes. 3.) Fish it out of the boiling pot of water. 4.) Plate your dish. 5.) Garnish a bit (optional). 6.) Enjoy!

Time to EATSperience what Everyday Foods is all about!

We had 6 different dishes by Mister Delicious. 2 of which featured products that can be cooked to your own liking and the 4 were all from the Everyday Foods line. A complete meal for a party of 8 people with Mister Delicious’ creations? Yup, it’s possible!


Applewood Smoked Bacon (Php 460 for 400gr)

This one looked really delicious right from the very beginning! Thick cuts of smoked bacon with a sweet root beer sauce and some chili. When you have a really good protein like this Applewood Smoked Bacon, it allows you to play around with flavors more which makes things more awesome. Well done, Mister Delicious!


Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Mister Delicious’ Marinated Chicken Fillet

With meats like this one, preparing something more exciting and more delicious is now possible for busy people like us. The spring rolls were pretty impressive because of the tasty and filling protein and the creamy peanut sauce. Stay tuned as this product is still waiting to be launched!


Bacon Pumpkin Soup (Php 180)

Yes, yes, yes! In just 10 minutes, we were able to enjoy a delicate, creamy, and silky smooth pumpkin soup. We never thought it was possible until now. The soup was really good and it was made even better by chunks of Mister Delicious’ Applewood Smoked Bacon. For Php 180, this one’s definitely a bargain!


Vegan Gising Gising (Php 280)

This one can easily be one of our favorite vegan dishes of all time! It tasted really really good and we didn’t even look for any meat component at all. The sigarilyas or winged bean in English was still pretty crunchy even though it’s been frozen in the spicy coconut milk sauce. This dish definitely needs lots and lots of steamed white rice!


Beef Rendang (Php 350 for 320gr)

This is probably one of the best dishes in the Everyday Foods line of Mister Delicious! Yes, Beef Rendang for the win. Super tender beef cubes bathed in a rich gravy like sauce of traditional spices. We just had to get more rice because of this one. Really really superb dish and the best part is we can all have it in 10 minutes. Super convenient to order, easy to prepare, and extremely delicious!


Chicken Confit Inasal (Php 350 for 2pcs)

It was hard to believe that this came from a frozen bag. Just look at how beautiful that plate of Chicken Confit Inasal is. The good thing is that it also tastes as good as it looks. Legit chicken inasal! Great flavorful Filipino chicken dish for everyone to enjoy. Again, in just 10 minutes!


Time is very important. Time has become more and more important now. The pace of life seems to be not getting any slower. That’s why creations like the Everyday Foods for Busy People by Mister Delicious is a great thing to have right now. It might come off as a little too pricey at first but imagine all the time that you will get by not slicing and dicing in the kitchen. Imagine the time that you can spend more with your loved ones. In the end, it’s all extremely worth it. If you’ll be interested to order some of the items in this EATSperience or check out the other items they offer, we will be leaving a link of their website below. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Everyday Foods for Busy People by Mister Delicious

215 Salcedo St., Renaissance Building, 2nd floor, unit 201 1201 Makati City, Philippines

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