GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion Drinks


Say hello to… GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion Drinks! GoJu is the newest innovation of Vida Nutriscience Inc. and it has 5 different flavors that will surely cater to your needs. Coming from the words “Go-Juice,” GoJu is the newest on-the-go juice drink made available to its young market. It aims to provide the market high quality products with delightful & yummy flavors, eye-catching packaging designs and refreshing tastes that captures the heart of every young and health buff alike. Are you ready to know more about GoJu? Keep on reading because here it goes!

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion Drinks!


GoJu Natural Fruit Infusion drinks uses spirit animals that create character to each flavor, consumers can also relate their personalities to these brand icons. Which spirit animal are you? Find out below!

The Bear GoJu!

GoJu Natural Fruit Infusion uses spirit animals that creates character to each flavor, consumers can also relate their personalities to these brand icons.

The Bear GoJu embodies strength, introspection, spiritual journey, and healing. It’s the Mango Orange flavor that can give its drinkers boost in immunity, improved digestion and vision, help in weight-loss, and beautiful skin.


The Bear GoJu has a natural blend of thirst-quenching concoction of orange, mango, passion fruit, lemon and Vitamin C, perfect for a tropical treat to juice up your day!

The Owl GoJu!


The Owl GoJu is someone who is always on their toes and signifies wisdom. It’s the Lemonade flavor that can give its drinkers some much needed energy boost, a clean urinary tract, and strong immune system.


The Owl GoJu has a perfect blend of natural lemons, packed with Vitamin C, ready to quench your thirst for a healthy dose of on-the-go fruit drink.

The Horse GoJu!


The Horse GoJu signifies swiftness, strength, enlightenment, and healing powers. It’s the Raspberry Lemonade flavor and it can give its drinkers better blood circulation, it can fight inflammation, aids digestion, energy boost, and a clean urinary tract.


The Horse GoJu is made from a mixture of delicious raspberry and lemonade juice everyone loves, a guilt-free and natural on-the-go drink you truly deserve.

The Lion GoJu!


The Lion GoJu signifies the will and ability to lead. It’s the Orange flavor variant that can give it’s drinkers immune system boost, lower levels of blood pressure, and reduced risks of heart attack.


The Lion GoJu reminded me of the old fashioned orange juice with a refreshing and delicious taste. Packed with vitamins and minerals and perfect for hydrating.

The Turtle GoJu!


The Turtle GoJu embodies longevity. It’s the White Peach Passion Fruit flavor! This drink is rich in Vitamin A, aids digestion, can improve circulation and bone health, and keeps skin hydrated.


The Turtle GoJu has a healthy concoction of natural white peach, passion
fruit, pineapple, lemon and Vitamin C perfect for your active lifestyle.


GoJu is such an interesting addition to the fruit drinks that we can choose from in the market. It presents a lot of benefits that we really love. Personally, we love the taste of the Orange, Raspberry Lemonade, and White Peach Passion Fruit. As for its health benefits, we might need to keep drinking more of it to find out. If you are into trying different fruit drinks, you might want to give GoJu a try! Don’t forget to tell us about your GoJu EATSperience when you do, okay? That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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GOJU Natual Fruit Infusion

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