Crabs by the Platter from Ley’s Kitchen


Are there days when you are lazy to go out of the comfort of your home to just eat? Thinking of how traffic it can be and probably waiting in line in a restaurant that you like. Same goes for us. Well, thanks to home cooks and pick-up service apps It was just recent when we were craving for a seafood feast. Crabs, shrimps, and more crabs! Haha! Big help from instagram, we were able to discover Ley’s Kitchen. Upon checking out their menu online, we were convinced that yes, we will be having a seafood feast from them. Wanna find out what we had? Keep reading and feast your eyes with Crabs by the Platter from Ley’s Kitchen! Enjoy!

Crabs by the Platter from Ley’s Kitchen!


Angel See-Ley, the owner of Ley’s Kitchen, is from a foodie family, hence the idea of having made-to-order party platters. Ley’s Kitchen has an array of home-cooked party platters that can cater to one’s craving. Instagram and Facebook are a big help for both home cooks who have online delivery businesses and for consumers who would want to order. Not to mention, that’s how we discovered this gem.

We had so much crabs that we decided to have a….


BOODLE FIGHT at home!!! Since we love seafood, we had 2 different kinds of crab and a Cajun seafood platter. Thinking of all the food that we were about receive, we immediately thought of inviting our families to come over and have a boodle fight feast at home. While we were waiting, a trip to the market was necessary to get some fresh banana leaves, onions, tomatoes and okra, to complete the EATSperience. And when our orders arrived, we assembled it in a such a way that the crabs and shrimps were evenly spread out so that everyone gets a fair share of everything. And to top it all of, the sauces were poured over for that much needed flavor!


The Garlic Crab! It comes in at Php 6,800 for 5 pieces per platter at around 600 grams per piece. Ley’s Kitchen takes their crab platter game strong. Packed with crab fat and crab meat, they indeed have high quality crabs that can probably surpass a restaurant’s standard. And the garlic sauce? Superb! A mix of sweet and salty flavors with heaps of garlic. It made everyone lick their fingers to make sure nothing was wasted!


Yellow Curry Crab! This one comes in at Php 6,800, too! 5 pieces per platter and weighs around 600 grams per piece. The sauce from this yellow curry made us eat loads of rice and we made sure that every crab meat was drenched in this creamy and not so spicy curry sauce.



Say hello to J’s Cajun Seafood Platter! For Php 6,800 a platter, you will get 3 pieces of crab, a handful of shrimps, corn and sausage. This J’s Cajun Seafood Platter is one tray that will surely satisfy a seafood-lover’s craving for crabs and shrimps. Cooked in a well-balanced sweet and spicy sauce, this was another platter that made us want to have rice to go with it in every bite.



We loved everything that we had in this boodle feast. But we fell in love most with the garlic crab and the cajun seafood platter. Everyone indulged and had a full and happy tummy. Great news for those who are planning to have a feast at home or are looking for potluck options, as Ley’s Kitchen does not offer only seafood. They also have party platters like Oxtail Kare-Kare, Garlic Noodles, Chorizo Pasta, a whole lot more. Just a tip: Orders must have a least 2 days lead time, payment must be made at least 2 days before pick-up date and should be thru bank deposit. You may also opt to book a lalamove car or grab express to pick-up your order. For more details, you may check them out in Instagram and in Facebook. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. ‘Till next time!

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Ley’s Kitchen

For inquiries: +63917 848 6889

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