Chinoy Treats by China Mommy


Chinese New Year is just around the corner and it is that time of the year wherein Chinese cuisine, of course, is in demand for gatherings in a restaurant or at home. However, reunions or gatherings at a restaurant may be logistically challenging especially if we are talking about big families. So another option would be to celebrate at home. Celebrating at home may be less of a hassle when it comes to preparing food because of the available food trays that can be ordered. Recently, we discovered a home-based food business that serves up Chinese-Filipino dishes. Perfect for the upcoming Chinese New Year, or just when you are craving for homemade Chinese-Filipino food. In this edition of EATSplorations, find out what we think about these Chinoy treats by China Mommy. Enjoy!

Chinoy Treats by China Mommy


Chinese food will always be close to our hearts and definitely close to our tummies. Simply because we find Chinese food really tasty and flavorful. So when we learned that our food arrived thru Lalamove (a transportation delivery that can pick-up your order and deliver it), we were excited to indulge. First, we opened a tray of hot and fresh China Mommy Special Misua that came with a container of peanuts and spring onions, topped with lots of plump and juicy shrimps, shredded scrambled eggs and toasted shallots. Then, we had a tray of their China Mommy Special Lumpia. A tray that can easily feed 20 or more people, it was that packed! Special Lumpia made better because it came with a paper bag filled with everything a fresh lumpia needs. From fresh lettuce, cilantro, lumpia wrapper, crushed peanuts with sugar, fresh garlic and special lumpia sauce. Imagine a stress-free salu-salo at home with these complete and ready to serve food trays.

China Mommy Special Misua
Php 1,800

China Mommy Special Misua is good for 10-12 people. They use the traditional recipe just like how your grandma or mom made it. Look at how generous they are with the ingredients, too!

peanuts and spring onions to top the misua

Don’t forget the toppings to maximize the EATSperience! China Mommy packed a lot of toppings so don’t hesitate to put them on top of your noodles.


When we started eating China Mommy’s Special Misua, we knew that it was good for more than 12 people because it was really packed with so much of everything. It might even be good for 15-18 people depending on how hungry they are. The aroma and the taste was really comforting. Just like when you ask your mom or your grandma to cook one for you. Good food with a whole lot of love!

China Mommy Special Chinese Lumpia
Php 2,800

Like what we’ve mentioned, this lumpia tray can easily feed 20 people or even more. The tray was filled and packed with freshly cooked vegetables. And it will not be a fresh lumpia without the additional to ingredients to make it more tasty and flavorful.

Condiments for the lumpia

Lettuce, cilantro, garlic, seaweed, crushed peanuts with sugar, the special sauce, and a lot of wrappers are all included in the package. All you need to do is assemble and eat! How easy is that, right?



Making a roll of fresh lumpia is as easy as 1, 2, 3, thanks to China Mommy. Get a lumpia wrapper, top it with fresh lettuce and cilantro, followed by your desired amount of the cooked vegetables. And for more flavor and texture, add some fresh garlic, seaweed, crushed peanuts and sugar, and finish everything off with their special lumpia sauce. Then it is ready to roll and serve!


Chinoy family specialties made easily accessible, thanks to China Mommy! The two dishes that we were able to try tasted really good and had incredible amounts of nostalgia. Chinoys and Filipinos alike will surely love what China Mommy has to offer. If you are interested to order some tasty home-cooked Chinoy dishes, make sure to check out the easy ordering process below so you can get a hold of China Mommy’s tasty treats! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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China Mommy

For orders and inquiries, call or text: +63917 514 8540


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Ordering Process below (from China Mommy):

a. Orders should be made 2 days prior to pick-up date. We may or may not accommodate rush orders

b. Payment is via bank deposit. Your order will be confirmed once payment has been received. Pls send us a copy of the deposit slip.

c. All orders are on PICK-UP BASIS ONLY in Ortigas Center, Pasig.

d. You may contact LALAMOVE or GRABCAR to pick up the items and deliver to your place

e. For crabs, prices might fluctuate based on market price. We will inform you ahead for any deviation from the original price

f.  Before confirming your orders, inform us of any food allergies for your safety.


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