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Hello everyone! We hope you enjoyed reading our 1st family trip to Bohol EATSperience. It was a really fun trip with our baby and it was really something that we needed because of how stressful the city-life can get. Anyways, in this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing more about our EATSperience at one of the most beautiful places we have seen in Bohol, the Bohol Bee Farm. Yes, we will be sharing our EAT and EXPLORE – Bohol Bee Farm EATSperience with you.

Ready to EATSplore Bohol Bee Farm? Let’s go!


Welcome to Bohol Bee Farm! We were lucky that we had the time to visit this famous and relaxing spot in Bohol. We decided to have lunch there before heading for our countryside tour. Good thing we were a bit early than schedule so we had the chance to have a tour of the farm. The tour costs Php 30 per head and includes a tour of the different plants that can be seen in the farm, the production area of the livelihood products of the local residents and of course, what is a bee farm without the real thing. Visitors like us will get a peak of how the bees produce honey through one demonstration box that the tour guide will use for explanation. So far, so good?

Time to EXPLORE Bohol Bee Farm!


The different plants that are grown in the farm. The tour guide shared different facts and trivia about 5 out of the many types of plants that are being grown there. Some were already familiar to us like the citronella plant. While some information were new to us like chives being used as a substitute for garlic because it gives the same aroma and flavor.



Production area of different souvenirs and handicrafts for the livelihood of the local residents. These amazing women produces hand-weaved items such as bags, place mats, glass and bottles covers and the like.



And the last part of the tour was about the honey production. The tour guide explained that they only have one demonstration box in the farm because for bees to produce honey, they need a non-stressful environment. The best part of his explanation was when he let us try raw honey! He took out the honeycomb rack from the box and asked us to use our fingers to get the raw honey. Mr. Eats was lucky that he had the experience, as Mrs. Eats and Baby Eats had to be distant just in case the bees will fly around. Now, we appreciate honey and bees more because of this.




Now off to the Bohol Bee Farm’s cliffside restaurant. The view literally took our breath away. The scenery of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the fresh air, quality time spent with the family—everything was perfect. 

Complimentary squash bread and pesto butter 😀

Bohol Bee Farm is known for this complimentary plate of organic goodness. It includes squash bread, honey butter, pesto butter, and cassava chips. The bread was tasty but a bit dry. Everything else was great. TIP: Don’t eat too much of this so that you will have lots of space for their amazing organic food.

Cheese Pizza
Php 300

After having their complimentary organic bread and spread, time to have a taste of the Cheese Pizza that we ordered. We loved the simplicity of their Cheese Pizza and the crust had that perfect crisp and crunch.

Meat Pasta
Php 260

Pizza and pasta goes well together, so we decided to order their Meat Pasta. What was outstanding in this plate was the meat sauce. Sweet and tangy flavors with freshness from the tomatoes. Even Baby Eats loved this! 

Organic Roasted Chicken
Php 340

We just had to have that healthier option. Juicy and tender organic roasted chicken skewered in a stalk paired with red rice and fresh lumpia. This can be considered as one good meal. We finished this plate of healthy goodness without feeling guilty.


It was one memorable lunch with the family, to date. We really enjoyed going around the farm and having this view and ambiance for lunch. We also learned from the tour that Bohol Bee Farm has a resort. And their packages are quite affordable considering that meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included. If you want a hassle-free planning of your next Bohol EATSperience, check Bohol Bee Farm’s website and get an idea of how convenient and affordable it is to stay here. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations. We hope you enjoyed our EATsplore Bohol Bee Farm experience. ‘Till next time!

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Bohol Bee Farm

Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, 6339 Bohol

+6338 510 1822

Website / Facebook / Instagram


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