[NEW] Sriracha Donburi at Tokyo Tokyo

[NEW] Sriracha Donburi at Tokyo Tokyo

Just in case the heat of summer is not yet enough, we will be sharing an EATSperience that’s hot and spicy from one of our favorite places to dine at that will make it even hotter. Yes, there’s a new donburi in town and it is as hot as the summer sun. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will share with you about a one of a kind donburi, the NEW Sriracha Donburi at Tokyo Tokyo! Yes, Tokyo Tokyo has a new donburi in their menu that will surely fill up hungry tummies everywhere! Want to know more about the NEW Sriracha Donburi? Just keep scrolling down and read what we think about this hot and spicy treat from Tokyo Tokyo.

[NEW] Sriracha Donburi at Tokyo Tokyo


[NEW] Sriracha Donburi at Tokyo Tokyo
Sriracha Donburi
Php 155
This huge bowl consists of—loads of sriracha flavored rice topped with tender beef misono, crunchy onion tempura, nitamago egg and a drizzle of sriracha mayo. Sounds good so far?

[NEW] Sriracha Donburi at Tokyo Tokyo

The savory yet mild-flavored beef misono is a good complement to the hot and spicy sriracha rice. The nitamago egg which is commonly used for ramen and the onion rings gave a good balance both in flavor and in texture. We made sure that every spoonful had a little bit of everything to have a complete EATSperience. All the key ingredients worked really well in making this one of a kind donburi, it is as tasty as it looks. Well done, Tokyo Tokyo!

[NEW] Sriracha Donburi at Tokyo Tokyo

Another affordable and filling rice bowl from Tokyo Tokyo! For only P155, this savory and spicy bowl of goodness is perfect for a lunch out or an after work treat. Drop by the nearest Tokyo Tokyo and let us know what you think of the new Sriracha Donburi! That’s it for this edition of EATsplorations. ‘Till next time!

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Tokyo Tokyo


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