Homecooked Gourmet Dishes by SEVEN Comfort Cuisine


After months of not posting anything in our “TrEATS” section, we are finally back with an EATSperience worth sharing with you all. Just recently, we received a box of gourmet dishes in trays and all of it looked and smelled really good. After trying it all out, we decided that it was definitely an EATSperience worth sharing especially to people who love to eat but are not really fond of cooking and washing the dishes. This EATSperience is also great for families and friends who love to host gatherings, parties, and even meetings. Before the food gets cold, let’s have some Homecooked Gourmet Dishes by SEVEN Comfort Cuisine in this edition of EATSplorations!

EATS time to party with SEVEN Comfort Cuisine!

SEVEN Comfort Cuisine is a home-based gourmet caterer that’s perfect for parties, potlucks, meetings, and many more. They have almost 40 different dishes in their menu from appetizers down to desserts. So yes, if you are looking to host a hassle-free gathering, you may certainly order the whole menu from SEVEN Comfort Cuisine. They offer pick-up around the Quezon City area or you may also have your orders delivered. We will give you their contact information at the end of this EATSperience.

Cheesy Salmon Bake
Php 1,500 6-8 pax / Php 2,500 10-12 pax
Honey Garlic Pork Bites
Php 800 6-8 pax / Php 1,350 10-12 pax
Savory Chicken Mushroom Pasta
Php 600 6-8 pax / Php 1,000 10-12 pax

All in all, we got 3 party trays and it includes the following dishes: Cheesy Salmon Bake, Honey Garlic Pork Bites, and Savory Chicken Mushroom Pasta. All 3 of the dishes looked and smelled so delicious when we opened the box.

Look at that perfectly cooked salmon!

First of all, the salmon was cooked to perfection! It was bright pink, soft, and flaky, just the way we like it. Another thing we liked about this super cheesy salmon dish was it was really filling. Just one slice (same as the photo) out of it, we were already satisfied.

Thick cuts of pork drenched in sweet and savory honey garlic sauce!

Now this one made us look for rice! Thick cuts of crispy fried pork bathed with an extremely tasty sauce, who wouldn’t want to grab a bowl of rice, right? Its sauce alone was enough to make us love this dish. The honey garlic sauce had great balance of flavors that complemented the already tasty crispy pork. If you are looking to feed a lot of people, make sure to order trays of this and cook up a mountain of rice, then the party is set!

Super savory Asian pasta!

This was super filling, fragrant, and delicious! If you love that Asian pasta from one of the famous pizza places in town, you will love this too. This was like the less spicy version of it. If you have a big group to feed, this savory Asian pasta by SEVEN Comfort Cuisine is perfect for hosting a party or as a potluck contribution.


Thanks to SEVEN Comfort Cuisine for these trays of homecooked gourmet party food! We had an awesome time sharing it with our colleagues and friends. All 3 dishes were really really good and we would recommend it without any reservations. If you are looking to host a gathering, going to a potluck, or you just simply want to EATSperience good homecooked food, just give SEVEN Comfort Cuisine a call, pick up or wait for your food, and enjoy! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! ‘Till next time!

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SEVEN Comfort Cuisine

+63920 272 6588

Facebook / Instagram

***For more information and their full menu check out their social media accounts


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