[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

The pace of living just keeps getting faster and faster. Life as we know it has been getting more and more hectic every single day. We need to do what seems like a million things a day, and an endless supply of energy is needed to accomplish it all. We ourselves have been looking for an energy drink that can give that much needed boost to make it through every jam-packed week. Good thing, this week, we received a package from Cocio— Denmark’s beloved all-natural chocolate milk drink. It contained their newest product, Cocio Energy. Cocio Energy comes in two delicious flavors—Chocolate and Coffee! Keep reading to find out more about energy-filled Cocio EATSperience.

[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

Upon seeing what’s inside that beautiful parcel, we knew that we were up for an energetic day. Coffee and chocolate are two individual things that can boost our energy. And having it as flavors for an energy drink is something different from the usual energy drinks that we are used to.

[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

What’s good about Cocio’s energy drink is that it is packed with natural ingredients. Real coffee seeds and cocoa added with “guarana”, the Amazonian plant that gives that energy booster in every drop. Creamy and really tasty!

[NEW] Cocio Natural Energy Drink

So if you feel tired and sluggish and you still need to get by during the day or even at night, drop by to the closest 711 store. Head on to their refrigerator, grab a can of chilled Cocio Energy and get ready to shake and drink and #GetThere with Taste.

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