Duck & Co. – San Fernando, Pampanga

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga

Will you travel for food? Because I will. Why? Well, traveling already has its own perks. New experiences, meeting new people, trying out something new and many more. Traveling also include lots and lots of food. I have had a great number of EATSperiences during a vacation or even a weekend out of town. Last Saturday was no different. I was so excited when I was invited to go all the way to Pampanga to EATSperience a couple of up and coming restaurants. One of them is Duck & Co. in San Fernando, Pampanga. Duck & Co. specializes in dishes that has duck as the main ingredient. Also, dishes that are inspired by the owners’ adventures around Asia. Sounds interesting? Well, keep reading to find out more about this duck serving place in Pampanga.

Welcome to Duck & Co.!

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga

Let’s take a look inside Duck & Co.’s cozy interior!

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Ready for some duck?
Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Saw this Indonesian eatery staple!
Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
The best spot to enjoy a good meal

I was so impressed on how beautifully designed Duck & Co. is. There are a lot of different kinds of quirky decor all around their rustic dining rooms. Every part of the place was so cozy. I also found out that the owners are in the furniture business and it shows because every piece of wooden furniture they have left me in awe. You must really see it to believe it. I am sure you want to move to the best part of every EATSperience, the FOOD!

It’s finally time to EAT! Mangan Tana!

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Just some of the many dishes they served us 😉
Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Cold Blueberry Tea, Cold Lychee Tea and Cold Lemon Tea
Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
(Kwek Kwek, Pork Bbq, Hotdog, Isaw Manok, Lobster Ball, and Balun Balunan)

I will forever be a fan of quick bites that is why I enjoyed this platter of assorted grilled and fried skewers. My hands down favorite is the Kwek Kwek. I also enjoyed the Lobster Ball because it’s not something that I normally find on the streets but it worked well with the other components of this huge platter. For beer drinkers and big groups of family and friends, this one’s perfect for you.

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Balut Aligue

A historic moment for myself as this was my first time to ever eat balut or duck embryo. Thanks to Duck & Co. because my first will definitely be not my last. I was so surprised that I loved it! It was packed with lots of flavor and it was super rich. The aligue or crab fat just made it even better. This dish a perfect starter or a drinking partner. Awesome stuff, Duck & Co.!

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Kung Pao Pasta

I enjoyed this pasta inspired by the famous Kung Pao Chicken. It’s sweet and spicy at the same time. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the chicken slices were juicy and packed with flavor. A must-try for pasta lovers!

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Bebek Rendang

I was so excited when our host mentioned that they will be serving this up. After 5 years of living and working in Indonesia, Rendang has become one of my favorite Indonesian dishes. Duck & Co.’s Bebek (duck) Rendang was just right. Perfect for the Filipino palette because it’s not spicy at all (spice level can be adjusted for chili heads) but it had the same depth of flavors that a rendang has. I must admit that I missed Indonesia after devouring this Philippine version of rendang. Great job on this one, Duck & Co.!

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Crispy to the Bones Duck

Another Indonesian-inspired dish by Duck & Co., Fried Duck or Bebek Goreng in Indonesian. I really didn’t like duck back when I was in Indonesia but this one was an exception. I loved its natural flavor even though there was no sambal (chili sauce), I still enjoyed the EATSperience. I just hope next time it would be really as crispy as how it is named. But otherwise everything’s alright!

Other dishes that they served but I was too full to try:

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Duck Sisig
Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Bibilak (Bibi Laksa)

and coming soon…

Duck & Co. San Fernando Pampanga
Lava Rock

I enjoyed my EATSperience at Duck & Co. not only because of the good food but also because of the cozy rustic interiors. This EATSperience gave me the change of pace that I need after my busy weekdays at work. I hope to come back soon to Pampanga with my family so that they too can EATSperience the dishes that I tried and see the places that I saw. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Stay tuned for more of our future EATSperiences!

Duck & Co.

Lazatin Blvd., San Juan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

+63999 983 2451



Opening Hours:

11am to 11pm (Tue-Sun)

Budget: 500-1000 php for two


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