Bun Appetit at The Grid Food Market

BUN APPETIT. Yup, Bun Appetit! The food stall that is known for its amazing lobster roll and other seafood rolls. The stall that started at the Salcedo Market. Well, since its inception almost 5 years ago, Bun Appetit has expanded its reach and its menu from its humble beginnings at the Salcedo Market. Now, Bun Appetit has been a well-known and sought after food stall because of its amazing rolls, garlic noodles, and many more. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about our amazing Bun Appetit at The Grid Food Market EATSperience! We hope you are ready because you’re definitely in for a treat! Enjoy!

Bun Appetit at The Grid Food Market!


The roll that started it all, the Lobster Roll (Php 695)! Dubbed as one of the most famous sandwiches in the city, Bun Appetit’s Lobster Roll packs a lot of Maine Lobster meat on a perfectly soft and buttery bun. One bite out of this thing guarantees a trip to food heaven and back. That’s how good it is! Yeah, yeah, it is really pricey. However, food this good is never meant to be cheap. With the generous amount of lobster that you’ll be getting, you will surely forget about its price after a few bites. If you’ve never had this one before, man, you’re definitely missing out!


Up next is Bun Appetit’s Shrimp Roll (Php 395)! If lobster is not your roll, then this one’s the next best thing. We’ve tried this one before the lobster roll and we can honestly say that it’s our favorite Bun Appetit roll. The amount of juicy shrimp is just over the top. It’s just too good of a sandwich to let go. Definitely, a must-try at Bun Appetit!


Another classic Bun Appetit menu item is the Crab Grilled Cheese (Php 450)! Blue Crab Meat with Parmesan and Emmental Cheese in between two slices of toasted and buttered potato bread. The sweetness of the blue crab meat and the nutty and buttery combo of the two kinds of cheese is just a match made in heaven! Aside from this, Bun Appetit also has Lobster Grilled Cheese and Shrimp Grilled Cheese.


A little break from all the awesome adult food, Bun Appetit served our daughter a Grilled Cheese Sandwich which we thought was really nice and thoughtful of them! It’s off the menu, so you may want to ask their friendly staff about it if you’d like to get your child/children some.


Moving on to the toasts, this one’s the Lobster Avocado Toast (Php 695)! It took us a long time to write about this EATSperience and this item was on the menu for a limited time only. Please do check with Bun Appetit’s crew if this one’s still available because, coming from someone who is not so into avocados, this one was pretty amazing! The creamy and rich avocado provided a different texture and balance of flavors from the succulent lobster and buttery toast.


Now, it’s time to say hello to Bun Appetit’s Shrimp Avocado Toast (Php 350)! If you’re not a huge lobster lover, this is another avocado toast that you can try. A little crunch and sweetness from the shrimps paired with the creamy avocado. Not to mention, it’s much more affordable than the lobster avocado toast!


One last sandwich of this EATSperience here’s Bun Appetit’s Lobster Quarter Pounder Meal (Php 995)! It comes with Truffle Potato Chips and a Soda / Water. If you want your lobster EATSperience to be extra special, this sandwich is the one for you! Signature Bun Appetit lobster with aioli, lettuce, and toasted potato buns. Comparing this one with the lobster roll, this one seemed to have a better sandwich feel and the lettuce just gave it a little more crunch which was pretty refreshing.


Before moving to this EATSperience’s main event, we would like to introduce you to one of the most underrated items on Bun Appetit’s menu, the Clam Chowder (Php 220)The taste of the ocean in one creamy and meaty bowl of soup. The toast that goes along with this was amazing, too! It’s meant to be dipped and eaten together with the chowder for that added crunch and buttery goodness!


And now, it’s time to say hello to the main event of this EATSperience, Bun Appetit’s Steamed Live Maine Lobster (for pre-order, make sure to notify them a day in advance)! It comes with Garlic Noodles, Corn, and Lemon & Drawn Butter plus all the things that you need to extract all the lobster meat that it has.


Garlic Noodles is part of the Steamed Live Maine Lobster set but it’s priced at Php 150 a la carteThis one looked really simple but tasted pretty awesome! The noodles had a great bite and chewiness and were really garlicky. A great side dish to the Maine Lobster!


Another side dish to the Maine Lobster is Bun Appetit’s Grilled Corn (Php 170)! Grilled and shredded corn with butter, mayo, cotija (or parmesan) cheese, chili, and lime. This one was really flavorful and filling! The sweet and smoky grilled corn was complemented really well by the lime, chili, and cheese.


THE LOBSTER TAIL! THE MAINE LOBSTER TAIL. Man, just look how beautiful that is. Just pause for a bit and appreciate its awesomeness. Done? Bun Appetit’s Steamed Live Maine Lobster is the bomb. It’s one authentic lobster EATSperience. Be ready to splurge a little though because it doesn’t come cheap. Nothing like this comes cheap because it is one huge lobster. It’s as fresh as they come. Also, it tastes really heavenly. Make sure to eat every chunk of the lobster with lemon and butter for a complete EATSperience! This one is definitely perfect for sharing and we really enjoyed devouring this gigantic Maine Lobster. Out of this world amazing stuff, Bun Appetit!


Our latest Bun Appetit EATSperience has finally come to an end! After all the tasty lobster, shrimp, and crab dishes that we had, it’s time to wrap things up. Bun Appetit has truly done a great job of keeping their classics pretty amazing. The rolls are still the stars of the show. However, other items like the avocado toasts and the grilled cheese sandwiches are worth checking out. Two of the best things about this EATSperience are the Lobster Quarter Pounder (really hefty and filling) and Steamed Live Maine Lobster (really expensive but super tasty and can feed an army). Bun Appetit still remains to be one of the best specialty food stalls in town. The quality of the food that they have is still very very good. We hope that they continue to be consistently awesome and we look forward to having a few more Bun Appetit’s around Metro Manila! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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Bun Appetit

The Grid Food Market, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 10:00pm (Sun-Thu)

11:00am to 11:00pm (Fri-Sat)

Budget: Php 1000 for two

Bun Appetit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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