Flavors of Spain at Market Cafe – AG New World Manila Bay


Hello everyone! Just around a week ago, we were able to EATSperience a one of a kind food festival at one of the best hotels in Manila—AG New World Manila Bay. This food festival is an ongoing limited time only promotion called “Flavors of Spain” at Market Cafe in AG New World Manila Bay. “It is often said that Filipino cuisine is a melting pot of cultures – a medley of aroma and flavors inspired by various cultural influences, with Spanish cuisine being the most notable, almost synonymous to celebrations, festivities, and weekend family gatherings. To Filipinos, Spanish cuisine is one of the most colorful, festive, rich, and vibrant gastronomic experiences that cradle the palate in a warm, nostalgic embrace.” -AG New World Manila Bay Press. Join us as we share our EATSperience of familiar Spanish flavors and Market Cafe’s favorites in this edition of EATSplorations.




“From 10 July to 31 August 2017, Market Café brings the Flavors of Spain to AG New World Manila Bay Hotel where diners can explore the flavors of Spain and rediscover treasured heirloom dishes from the Mediterranean coast.”

“Plunge into a sea of flavors starting with delectable delights such as Porchetta, Paella Valenciana, Arroz Negre, Cordera Asado, and Caldereta de Cornero. For an authentic experience, savor a selection of classic tapas and specialty Spanish cheeses, Jamon, and deli meats; revel in classic Spanish stews, rustic paella dishes; and relish the all-time favorite: Cochinillo or Lechon de Leche for a festive meal.” -AG New World Manila Bay Press

Flavors of Spain!

Jamon Serrano
Tortilla Espagnola
(Spanish Omelet)
Callos a la Madrilena
(Madrid-style tripe stew)
Paella Valenciana

After settling down, we went straight to the buffet table to sample the various Spanish dishes. Of course the gelatinous, smooth and salty Jamon Serrano was on top of our list. We also enjoyed the freshly cooked Paella Valenciana, loaded with fresh seafood. Spanish food is indeed filled with flavors, and it is really comforting.


Crema Catalan

Among all the Spanish desserts in the spread, our favorite was the Crema Catalan. At first glance, we thought it was a creme brulee. But when we asked about it, the pastry chef told us that it is similar with creme brulee except that it was not baked. Soft and creamy custard topped with sugar that was perfectly torched.

Market Cafe Favorites

Seafood cooked the way you want!
Grilling Station with fish and meat
Grass Fed Australian Prime Rib at the Carving Station

Aside from the delectable Spanish dishes, Market Cafe has its own staple dishes. We enjoyed the grilling station and the carving station. As we maximized filling our hungry bellies with grilled fresh seafood, meat and Grass Fed Australian prime rib steak.


In this limited time Spanish Festival, diners do not just get to have a taste of the different Spanish specialties. But diners can also purchase Spanish goods and delicacies from Terry’s. If you are on a hunt for Spanish food, go on a gastronomic journey to Spain at Market Cafe. Lunch starts at PHP 2,500 on Sundays. While dinner rates start at PHP 2,200 from Monday to Thursday and at PHP 2,500 from Friday to Sunday. Rates are inclusive of free-flow beverages. Talk about great value for money—the Spanish festival at the Market Cafe with free-flowing drinks. This promotion is definitely worth it. So, if you are planning for a gathering with friends and family, check out AG New World Manila Bay’s Market Cafe, Spanish Food Festival. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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Market Cafe – AG New World Manila Bay

1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar Manila, Philippines, 1004

+632 252 6888

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