Yamato Bakery Cafe by UCC – Ayala Malls The 30th


Freshly-baked bread, pastries, cakes, and coffee all in one place! Yes, we found them all at the newly-opened Yamato Bakery Cafe by UCC at the Ayala Malls The 30th in Pasig City. We rarely go this side of town because of its distance from our place but good thing we visited last week just in time for Yamato’s opening week. It was really nice to see the new face of Yamato in one of the newest malls in Metro Manila. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you what we got for our “baon” and what to expect when you visit this beautiful bakery and cafe, enjoy!

Welcome to Yamato Bakery and Cafe by UCC!




Located at the second floor, Yamato sits at the veranda area of Ayala the 30th. There is an option for an al fresco coffee and pastry dining time. The outdoor view gives a relaxing ambiance that give coffee time more enjoyable.

UCC Coffee at the Drip Pod Station


Yamato has an interactive drip pod station. Diners can purchase a UCC drink of their choice from the many variants of pods that Yamato has. The different types of drip pods ranges from P75-P125. So if you want to make your own drink and not order from their cafe, try this!

Yamato’s Tasty Bread

Mini Matcha Croissant
Php 23 per piece / Php 105 for 5pcs

Sweet buttery croissant with a touch of matcha-ness! After finishing 3 pieces of it, we realized that we should have gotten more of it. It was really really good!

Mini Ube Croissant
Php 23 per piece / Php 105 per 5pcs

The Filipino croissant! Our hands down favorite because of the sweet and creamy ube (purple yam) it contained. It just worked perfectly with the buttery and flaky croissant. Well done, Yamato!

Egg Broccoli Puff
Php 88

Crispy and flaky puff pastry with lots and lots of creamy egg salad! This thing of beauty was amazing. Next time, we will just eat it straightaway so that the egg salad will stay intact. Aside from that, this one’s a pretty tasty piece of pastry.

Bacon and Egg
Php 88

The classic combination of bacon and egg made even better! Only this time, the egg is not your usual sunny side-up, scrambled nor hard-boiled, but it is—egg salad. Yes, underneath the slices of bacon is a bed of Yamato’s signature egg salad which seems to get along pretty well with everything that they have. If you love bacon and egg, you will surely love this one!

Ham and Egg
Php 88

Lovely crust on the outside and fluffy bread on the inside. Yamato’s ham and egg was more on the familiar side of things and it was good that way. The ham and egg complemented each other well while the beautifully baked bread is still the star.


With the ambiance and the bread and pastries that we have tried, our Yamato EATSperience was nothing but amazing. Not in the photos, but we have tried their red velvet cake too, and it was delectable! Moist and not too sweet for our own taste. So for your next coffee and pastry destination, try Yamato Bakery Cafe by UCC and unwind over good coffee and freshly baked pastries. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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Yamato Bakery Cafe by UCC

Second Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

+632 960 1316

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  1. Incidentally – another UCC restaurant (3rd Wave Clockwork) is located a few blocks away at Estancia! Putting that aside, I love how Hubert Young (main man behind UCC) always has a new concept in mind whenever he opens up a new restaurant.

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