Movie EATS by Nacho Bimby


Watching movies in the cinema was something we used to do a lot when we were still in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, when we got engaged, and even now that we are already married. However, since our baby was born, our fondness for watching movies in the cinema was put aside for quite sometime already because we couldn’t tag her along with us just yet. Well, a couple of weeks back, we were able to finally take our baby with us to watch a movie. It wasn’t just any kind of movie, it was Beauty and the Beast! Of course, as cliche as it may sound, our baby’s first movie EATSperience was a fairy tale that was brought to life. Before we get carried away with all the singing and dancing from the movie, we got ourselves some much-needed movie EATS first from none other than Nacho Bimby! Nothing more fun than having some crispy nachos in the cinema, right? In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing with you Nacho Bimby’s Champion Combos together with a couple of colorful and refreshing drinks from Ice Pops MNL. Let’s get going and EATSperience Movie EATS by Nacho Bimby!



Strategically located at the Robinson’s Movieworld in Robinson’s Magnolia, Nacho Bimby has quickly become one of the moviehouse’s go to snack stalls. At this hip and colorful movie snack stall, movie patrons and mall goers can easily enjoy nachos, hotdogs, fried finger food, and even some Champion Combos at very reasonable prices.



Aside from their savory movie EATS, Nacho Bimby also has a bunch of refreshing drinks and ice pops from Ice Pops MNL. Because of this, everyone can easily enjoy these tasty treats inside and outside the movie house, thanks to Nacho Bimby and Ice Pops MNL!


Now, going to the movies has become even more EATSciting, right? You must be pretty hungry right now, so let’s proceed to the most important part of any EATSperience, the FOOD!!!

Champion Combos

Nachodog + Labimbeef
Php 185
Mexicon Carne Dog

Super beefy and snappy hotdog! We loved the great balance of flavors from each and every topping especially the chili con carne. TIP: Make sure to ask for a substantial amount of tissue before you head to the cinema to avoid getting covered with Nacho Bimby’s tasty chili.

Quezo Frito + Labimbeef
Php 185
Quezo Frito = Mozzarella Sticks with Chili Con Carne Dip

Extremely cheesy without being greasy! These babies got us craving for more. We loved the generous amount of mozzarella and the dip. TIP: Go easy on the chili con carne dip and make sure it goes until your last mozzarella stick.

(nachos with pulled beef)

Nacho Bimby’s Labimbeef is definitely one that we would keep coming back for more. Next time we watch a movie, we will surely order a full serving of this bad boy. Super crispy nacho chips and the pulled beef was waaaaay better than the usual ground beef. It had more flavor and bite!

Drink Pops

Hazelnut Cola
(with Vanilla Nutella Ice Pop)
Php 80
Strawberry Sunrise
(with Mango Strawberry Ice Pop)
Php 80

Both drink pops were surprisingly good! It unlike any ordinary slushy. The hazelnut cola reminded us of Rootbeer float. The vanilla nutella ice pop was creamy and we had fun stirring it in the hazelnut cola for that added sweetness. The strawberry sunrise on the other hand, was more on the refreshing side. The drink itself was not that sweet which was good because the mango strawberry ice pop gave the sweetness needed. These drink pops are definitely perfect for this sunny and hot summer!


Our first movie EATSperience with our baby was not just made memorable by the movie, Beauty and the Beast, but also because of the food and drinks that we had from Nacho Bimby. A trip to their stall to grab some exciting snacks and a couple of drinks before a movie is worth every cent. Movie time can now be more enjoyable because of these tasty treats and drinks from Nacho Bimby. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Don’t forget to tell us about your very own Nacho Bimby EATSperience! Till next time!

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Nacho Bimby

Robinson’s Movieworld, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City

Facebook / Instagram

Operating Hours:

11:00am to 9:00pm (Mon-Thu)

10:00am to 10:00pm (Fri-Sun)

Budget: 500 php for two

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