The Broken Oven Food Delivery – Quezon City

The Olive Treat Quezon City
People would ask us every once in a while if we can cook or not. Most of the time our answer would be a very hesitant yes. Well, yeah we can cook but we are no experts. Good thing for us, there are a lot of delivery options available all over Metro Manila. Whenever we are starving or in need of a potluck contribution, we can choose from those options. Most of the time though, we would just dial in our favorite fast food and order the usual items on the menu. Recently, we veered away from the usual as we received some home cooked trEATS from The Broken Oven Food Delivery. The Broken Oven Food Delivery prides itself of heirloom recipes that will leave you wanting more. When they contacted us about this feature, we agreed to do it right away so that we can help promote what they have and what they do. This feature reminded to us why we started the trEATS column which is to support local chefs by promoting what they do best. Are you ready to find out more about The Broken Oven Food Delivery? Here it goes, enjoy!

Their showcase of home cooked party dishes!

The Olive Treat Quezon City

When we opened the package, we were pleasantly surprised on how the dining room smelled. We felt like were in a restaurant filled with incredibly fragrant aroma. All three dishes looked really good considering how long it took from Quezon City to where we stay. Let’s take a closer look at each dish!

The Olive Treat's showcase of home cooked party dishes!
Birthday Spaghetti
(p900 per pyrex)

The Olive Treat's showcase of home cooked party dishes!

Mr. Eats: Their birthday spaghetti sent me back to my childhood days! The way how all birthday spaghetti should be made. I felt a kid again. Extremely delicious! Lovely balance of sweet and tangy flavors. If you have a party to go to or just simply craving for that Pinoy-style birthday spaghetti, please call them right away.

Mrs. Eats: The name itself justifies the taste. This was indeed a trEAT for me as the spaghetti sauce was creamy and it had a generous amount of meat. The pasta was cooked al dente. This is something worth trying when you are planning to have a party or a potluck.

The Olive Treat Quezon City
Stuffed Iberico Chicken
(p500 per chicken)
The Olive Treat Quezon City
Cheesy chorizo rice stuffed right inside this beautiful piece of chicken

Mr. Eats: Super juicy! I can still remember the first bite I took out of this beautiful chicken. No sauce needed. That’s how tasty this was. The cheesy chorizo rice just added more flavor and it also sealed the deal for this dish. It’s the perfect carb to an amazing protein. It’s definitely a dish made in their heavenly kitchen.

Mrs. Eats: Another interesting dish to bring in a party. This stuffed chicken will surely fill-up hungry tummies. The chicken was juicy and tender and the rice was really cheesy. However, I hope it had more chorizo to have that balance of sweetness from the cheese and saltiness from the chorizo. But all-in-all it was good!

The Olive Treat Quezon City
Slow Roasted Pork Belly
(p750 per kg, minimum of 2kg per order)
The Olive Treat Quezon City
Closer look at this masterpiece!

Mr. Eats: The slow roasted pork belly truly deserves to be the superstar in their menu. I can still smell how fragrant this thing was even when it was still inside the box. Super tender pork belly and crispy roasted skin. I love the amount of lemongrass and garlic used to make this pork belly dish a masterpiece. I seriously had to remind myself to slowdown and relax because I couldn’t stop myself from chowing down slices of this beauty. Two thumbs up for this one!

Mrs. Eats: Considering the length of time from the moment it was baked and prepared to delivering it, I must say, good job, The Broken Oven Food Delivery! This pork belly reached our home still juicy and crispy! I enjoyed munching on every piece while slicing it. It was seasoned perfectly. Sauce for this was not necessary as it was really packed with good flavor. BER month has already started and this trEAT is something to consider for the festive season!

No matter what happens, we would stand by the quality of these three tasty dishes that The Broken Oven Food Delivery sent to us. They might not have a lot going on in their menu. But quality is always better than quantity. They do what they do and do it at their best. If you want your food to be talked about during and after a gathering, just dial-up The Olive Treats number and order yourself these three dishes.That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations! Till next time!

The Broken Oven Food Delivery

+63917 816 2726


*For deliveries, they has a minimum purchase of p1500. Delivery areas: Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Ortigas and Makati.


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