[EATS for Delivery] Seafood Trays by Holy Crab


If you’ve been to a mall lately, you probably noticed that Christmas decors are already up. Lights are starting to brighten up the streets at night with Christmas colors and people are starting to do their Christmas shopping. Well that only means one thing, it is also time to plan and prepare food. Food for gatherings and reunions! Therefore, it is also the season of food trays once again. In case you didn’t know, once the Holiday Season starts in the BER Months, it’s the season of food delivery, especially food trays for all sorts of parties and gatherings. In this edition of EATSplorations, we will be sharing about one food tray business that we were able to try out recently. It’s one kind of food tray that’s definitely good for sharing and is perfect for the Holiday Season and all sorts of occasions. This EATSperience is about EATS for Delivery – Seafood Trays by Holy Crab!

Seafood Trays by Holy Crab!


Thanks to the power of social media, we “met” one of the partners of Holy Crab. Because of their Instagram account, we saw a great number of extremely tempting trays of crabs and shrimps. It was really impossible to resist this bounty seafood goodness harvested fresh and straight from the farm of one of the partners that’s why the quality of seafood that they serve is always high.


As you can see you from their price list, they have 6 ways of cooking their seafood. Seafood can be cooked from the basic Steamed to the more traditional Buttered Garlic, and down to the classic Cajun. They also have more premium flavors like Salted Egg, Black Pepper, and Coco Curry. Seafood trays by Holy Crab range from Php 999 to Php 1,699 and must be ordered at least 1-2 days ahead to make sure that there’s a good supply of awesome quality seafood. Deliveries can be coursed through Grab Express or Lalamove (delivery fee is free once you reach Php 3,000).


Since we love our seafood cooked in butter and garlic, we just had to go with the Buttered Garlic Crab & Shrimp Platter at Php 1,299. Take a look at that beautiful tray of crab and shrimp with a whole corn on a cob that’s swimming in a sea of butter and garlic. It’s just pure seafood awesomeness!


With a seafood tray as packed as Holy Crab’s we just got to have lots of rice to go along with it, right? That plate of rice was just for photography’s sake, hehe! We had more rice than that. Waaaaay more! Thanks to Holy Crab’s amazing Crab & Shrimp Platter!


Just a closer look at this lovely seafood tray by Holy Crab! This platter from Holy Crab had 3 good-sized crabs, 400 grams of shrimps, and a corn with lots of buttered garlic. This tray is definitely good for at least 4-5 but we had to admit, we finished it on our own. Just the two of us. It was that amazing!


We can say that their seafood tray is a value-for-money type of food find. With the quality of seafood that they have given at a very reasonable price. Just look at those shrimps, plump and juicy shrimps smothered in a sweet and tasty buttered garlic sauce. 400 grams of these lovely fresh from the farm shrimps!


And the crabs! To be honest, we aren’t really big fans of crabs, simply because we find it hard to eat but we couldn’t resist their fresh-tasting crab with loads of crab meat and crab fat tucked under the shell and inside the claws. We made sure that we dug all the way to the very end of each claw to maximize our Holy Crab EATSperience!


It wasn’t just the seafood that impressed us, but also the sauce. Rich, buttery and sweet sauce, that we literally poured over our steaming rice to complete the EATSperience. Even Baby Eats loved it! And we are glad that we discovered another home-based business that is worth sharing. If you are looking to serve seafood to your family and friends this Holiday Season, you might want to give them a call or send them a message. The people of Holy Crab will surely answer your seafood needs! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Holy Crab!

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