Affordable Filipino Fast Food at Coco Hut – Jupiter, Makati


Growing up, Sunday has always been a day set for spending time with the family. After church, planning where to go for lunch is next on the list. We usually would go for restaurants that have a good serving size and something that will be able to satisfy our craving. In one of our recent Sundays, we craved for Filipino food and Coco Hut came into mind. Since we have tried it before and we loved it, we wanted to go have a second time. In this edition of EATSplorations, allow us to share about our Affordable Filipino Fast Food at Coco Hut in Jupiter, Makati EATSperience. Enjoy!

Ready for some Filipino Fast Food at Coco Hut?




Located at Jupiter, Makati alongside a number of restaurants, Coco Hut sits next to Ministop. If you are familiar with that area, Coco Hut can be easily seen. To those of you who are concered about parking, Coco Hut has ample parking space for at least 5-6 vehicles, so it’s perfect for barkada and family EATSperiences. Since it’s a fast food, diners are to go to the counter to choose their food and to place and pay for their order. By the way, if you are into having a good and natural lighting for your photos just like us, Coco Hut has it! Well atleast during the day, where the natural light from the outside lights the whole restaurant.

Let’s EAT some “Hut” and tasty Filipino dishes!


Filipinos love to feast, therefore, we indeed had a feast on that Sunday. We ordered their famous Kare-Kareng Lechon Kawali, Fried Chicken, Lechon Kawali, Laing, Gising-Gising and Coco Squash soup. Deriving from its name Coco Hut, most of the dishes here have coconut milk as the main ingredient. Sounds yummy so far? Keep reading to know more about the dishes that we tried!

Coco Squash
Php 150
Gising Gising
Php 170
Php 170

The coco squash was perfect for Baby Eats! We just mixed it with plain rice and… voila! Our little one is already satisfied. All three dishes were creamy and had a strong coconut milk flavor. Our favorites were the comforting coco squash and gising-gising that still had that freshness and crunch.

Fried Chicken (2pcs served with Rice and Tamarind Iced Tea)
Php 210

Coco Hut has rice meals that comes with a serving of Tamarind Iced Tea, perfect for a quick lunch break or an after work EATSperience. Their fried chicken is crispy and juicy. It also has a distinct taste, unique to any other fried chicken in town. Be ready to order a second serving of rice!

Kare-Kare Lechon Kawali
Php 390

Lechon Kawali and Kare-Kare? Best of both worlds, right?! The lechon kawali remained crispy even after being drenched in their sweet and creamy kare-kare sauce. Say goodbye to your diet and just say, “Extra rice, please!”

Lechon Kawali
Php 300

Crispy, juicy, and has the right amount of meat and fat ratio for everyone to enjoy. With or without its sauces, Coco Hut’s lechon kawali was still pretty tasty. One order of this lechon kawali can easily feed a family of 4 which makes it really perfect for sharing!


Good food, big enough serving sizes, and more importantly, value for money, Coco Hut will definitely be one of our go-to Filipino restaurants for as long as it exists. With the quality of food and its affordability, an EATSperience in this restaurant is truly worth sharing. Our favorites were the lechon kawali, coco squash, gising-gising and of course, the fried chicken. The moment we discovered the hut, we definitely spent time in the hut and now we are telling a great hut story as we really enjoyed our meal. That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, ’till next time!

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Coco Hut

60 Jupiter Street,ย Bel-Air, Makati City

+632 886 5144 / +632 333 3131

Facebook / Instagram

Open 24 Hours (Everyday)

Budget:ย 700 php for two

Disclaimer: We paid for our meal and wrote this article based on our own opinions and biases.

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